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Bird Box

Something is out there, something terrifying that must not be seen. One glimpse of it, and a person is driven to deadly violence. No one knows what it is or where it came from.Five years after it began, a handful of scattered survivors remains, including Malorie and her two young children. Living in an abandoned house near the river, she has dreamed of fleeing to a place whe...

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Bird Box Reviews

  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror

    Wow. This book. If books are like a movie in my mind, this one is absolutely terrifying. The author, Josh Malerman, particularly preys upon some distinctly female fears, in my opinion.

    Our protagonist, Malorie, is young and a little naive. There is a global calamity going on and she seems very preoccupied with her own circumstances.

    As a reader, you are concerned with our protagonist's perspective--can she navigate through this story safely for us? I wanted a more reliable, capable protagonist to

  • Norma * Traveling Sister

    Sister Read Review by Norma & Brenda

    Update: I watched the Netflix adaptation of this book and absolutely loved it but I was definitely more scared and creeped out while reading the book though.


    Holy Shooty Balls this was one heck of a creepy book!


    5 creeped out Stars for Norma & 4 freaking out Stars for Brenda!

    So for the purpose of this Sister Read it gets a combined rating of 4.5 Stars!


    BIRD BOX by JOSH MALERMAN is a wonderfully creepy, scary, eerie, and downright terrifying tale that

  • Raeleen Lemay

    (rating bumped from 4 up to 5 stars after thinking about it more)

    A few days ago when I finished this book, initially I was pissed off and disappointed at the ending. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but upon a few days' reflection I've realized that it was the only realistic way this could end. SO, if you are wary of reading this because you don't want an open ending, don't be! Malerman made the right choice in leaving some things unknown, because ultimately it works best for this type o

  • Justin Tate

    **Update: It's awesome to see the movie adaptation bring deserved attention to this book! I read it over a year ago and it hasn't left my mind since. Haven't seen the movie yet because I was scared they would ruin a masterpiece, but it sounds like Netflix did it justice. Here's my original review:

    So glad to be recommended this book! Would never have picked it up otherwise. The cover art looks like a tacky mystery, but it's actually a character-driven horror story!

    The fear of the unknown is ever-

  • Matt

    After having this book so highly recommended to me by one of my friends on Goodreads, I decided to delve in to see what Josh Malerman might have to say in this twisted novel. Early into the story, Malerman introduces readers to his protagonist, Malorie, a young and somewhat fearful woman. Scrubbing the walls and carpets of blood stains, Malorie appears highly agitated and yet focussed on her task at hand, which serves only to up the ante of what is yet to come. The reader soon learns that someth ...more

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at:

    3.5 Stars


    For maybe the second time in the history of Goodreads, I'm changing my initial rating of a book and floating my review. I don't really give a shit if you don't like this book - I liked it enough for everyone. I liked it so much that I constantly think about it whenever I hear a creepy noise in the dark or think how terrifying it would be if I had to face potential superbadawfuls blin

  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]


    I'm not a huge fan of horror, so I always sort of pushed back on this book and never read it when it was published in 2014. This, despite the wonderful ratings it had received from some of my favorite reviewers on Goodreads.

    Then, it happened. I saw the labels “dystopian” and "post apocalyptic”. Now we're talking! Those are descriptions that speak my lingo. Some of my most beloved books are a mixture of both of those sub-genres: Station Eleven, Dark Matter, The Girl With All the Gifts.

  • Maciek

    Bird Box offers a well-known premise - the world as we know it suddenly coming to an end, and the few who survived trying to cope with the new reality - but with an interesting twist (certainly a desirable addition to the formula which, much as I enjoy it, is now beginning to resemble a really dead horse). This is both a good, and a bad thing - and the book is also both these things, as it began well but ended up being disappointing.

    The hook of Bird Box is, like in much post-apocalyptic fiction,