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Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning

The Guardians' powers are given the ultimate test as they journey to the moon itself in this fifth and final chapter book adventure of an epic series from William Joyce.The Guardians came together to protect the childhoods of all who dream, and they are a formidable team: Nicholas St. North, E. Aster Bunnymund, Toothiana, the Sandman, Nightlight, and Katherine have thus far ...

Title : Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning Reviews

  • Sabrina

    The final book of the Guardians series and it was the one I was patiently waiting for! We finally learn the origin of Jack Frost. And how the beloved character Nightlight became him. A lot of time has passed since the previous book. Nightlight disappeared and Jack Frost emerged and found his way back to the Guardians. Though he has changed from his time as Nightlight, a lot is still the same, like his connection to Katherine. A beautifully told story of how Nightlight became Jack Frost, Katherin ...more

  • Deb

    Waited a long time for this book to be published. And yes, it was worth the wait. The battle between good and evil, Frost and Pitch continue. Who will win. Pitch and his Nightmare army or Jack with his Guardian friends and their army. I strongly recommend this series.

  • Ana Gutierrez

  • Cyd Highfield

    it was a beautiful end to the series.

    a wonderful rush of emotions, and the way it's written makes it hard to not believe.

  • Kellen Welch

    *sobs at how much I need this book to be out*

    I'm usually pretty patient, but this series has changed that.

  • Tiffany Smead

    When a children’s book brings you to tears, makes you giggle, & draws out the Cheshire Cat smile in you (not necessarily in that order), you should take the book home.

    I love this series. William Joyce takes you into the shoes of the characters even while it reads like an old time fairy tale. And then there’s the treasured artwork which visually draws us in like moths to a brilliant, dazzling flame.

    I recommend this book & the series for all ages. If you’re reading alone, the reading level

  • Caitlyn


  • Stephanie

    Sweet, fluffy end to this highly imaginative children’s series. No real twists or surprises, just everything as it ought to be.

    My only nay, is that half the book was exposition and flashbacks. I prefer my action to happen in the present.