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Bitter Winter

Already struggling with a harsh winter and the threat of food shortage, a catastrophic event leaves those in the Landale camps reeling. Just when things couldnt get much worse, camp members fall ill with the same devastating sickness thats sweeping across the country.Determined to gain the cure, Jace sets off to Valcr. However, there are only two sourcesthe queen, or a power...

Title : Bitter Winter
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Number of Pages : 241 pages
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Bitter Winter Reviews

  • Tricia Mingerink

    This book is so amazing! As all of Jaye’s books are. This one especially brings the reader through a whole range of emotions. It starts out with plenty of awwww moments, then turns heart-wrenching, then tense and nail-biting. Yet the ending makes all the tension worth it with plenty for fangirls to squeal over! I loved the ending so much, though I’m bracing myself for what is going to happen to my poor, favorite characters in the next book!

  • Mikayla

    This book was incredible. After waiting so long for it, the much anticipated fifth book, I plowed through this in two days.

    Honestly, this book is one of my new favorites of the series. The emotion that was in here was amazing, and the characters just perfect.

    In most of the books, I liked Kyrin's part the most, but in this one, Jace's part was the best. He's faced with decisions that could affect him the rest of his life and struggles deeply with them. The temptation was done so realistically t

  • Faith

    Review coming after release.

  • Erika Mathews

    You will love this book. It may be my new favorite of this series - at least in the top two. This is an amazing, beautiful, deep book. It's just what a story of believers ought to be.

    It’s full of tragedy, clinging together, trying to solve issues in one’s own strength, and the all-encompassing, all-sufficient power of God. There are no words to describe the depth and beauty of this book.

    I love that character development is a strong element of this series. I love how I still feel like Jace and Ky

  • Stargazer R. L.

    I loved this book.

    The characters are my fave.

    I was impressed with how few people died.

    That scene with Kyrin and Kaden was my favorite in the whole book. <3

    Thanks Jaye. :)

  • Sarah Grace Grzy

    3.5 stars.

    Bitter Winter starts out with a bang, picking up right where book 4 left off. There are several sweet moments between the characters in the first few chapters, then, WHAM, Knight rips your heart out. She's very good at that. ;)

    Jace plays a starring role in this book, more so than I remember from the rest of the series. And to be honest, I actually liked that. Some know that I am *not* a Jace fangirl, and I was never really was able to relate to him as a character that much in the res

  • S.G. Willoughby

    *unintelligible noises* Ahhhh! This book was SO intense. Starvation and incurable illness and skirmishes and Davira. We were kept in torturous suspense the entire time, it was such a relief to get to the end and realize it didn't turn out quite as bad as I was expecting. I went into the book expecting quite a few deaths. Then, as I got further, I began to brace myself for even more and worse deaths. But thankfully it was all okay. Yes, there were horrible heart-wrenching character deaths. But no ...more

  • Jazzy

    *sobs happily*

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