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The Agony House

Denise Farber has just moved back to New Orleans with her mom and step-dad. They left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and have finally returned, wagering the last of their family's money on fixing up an old, rundown house and converting it to a bed and breakfast.Nothing seems to work around the place, which doesn't seem too weird to Denise. The unexplained noises are a litt...

Title : The Agony House
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Number of Pages : 272 pages
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The Agony House Reviews

  • Cassi

    This book was amazing! Everything I wanted it to be and more. I loved I Am Princess X and I was really excited to hear that she had a new book coming out in a similar format. I saw copies available at ALA and I picked it up without even reading the synopsis. Then I read the synopsis and was even more excited.

    It was incredibly apropos that I received a copy of this book at ALA in New Orleans because this is a book set in New Orleans, which is just one great thing about it. And the mystery and his

  • Erin Moulton

    Agony house was an interesting haunted house story that combined a creepy setting with a long lost comic book. I found Agony House entertaining and I really liked the twist at the end, but I had a few things that just weren't for me on a more personal taste level.

    What I liked: I really liked the plot. I enjoyed the action and the characters and I think that the twist at the ending was really interesting and unexpected (at least to me).

    I loved the comic book character and I loved the illustratio

  • Jennifer Hill

    A hybrid of text and graphic novel. Denise has just moved back to New Orleans with her mom and step-dad. They are planning on fixing up an old, dilapidated house into a bed and breakfast, but the neighborhood is not exactly welcoming. Weird things start to happen in the house, unexplained things and Denise begins to research what happened in the house and learns a famous author died there. She begins to realize there are TWO spirits, one that is EVIL and one who is trying to help her.

    If you lik

  • zapkode

    {My thoughts} – The cover of this book truly intrigued me. There’s a nice little surprise under the dust jacket, that you don’t usually find on hard covered books as well. When I first looked at the cover I was thinking that I was gonna be reading a horror book. I mean, at first glance it certainly seems like one. However, that isn’t all that this little gem is made up of, which makes it all the more brilliant in my opinion.

    When you first open the book you will notice that the page numbers are w

  • Beth

    I picked this for the Halloween display at the book store I work for. It's new, and will be a great addition for those who like YA titles. It's interesting, and the graphic portions of the story definitely enhance the written portions. There were a couple of bits that felt a tad bit...preachy...but they didn't take away from the overall story. My daughter is already asking to read it!

    Note: For those who care about such things (like me), if you buy the HB version and don't wait for pb to come out

  • Natalie

    Despite the fact that I have read the author's first book, I somehow was expecting this to be a graphic novel - not a chapter book with interspersed graphic novel pages. When I opened it and saw text, I figured I would end up giving the book 3 stars. I ended up liking the story. I thought it brought in different elements of history well, ex. comic book codes, Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. I liked the building friendships in the story, and although I enjoy teen romances, I appreciated that ...more

  • Brian

    I sometimes long to read a good scary story, one that isn't overly supernatural with just the right amount of creeps. And this book comes extremely close to delivering that feeling. Denise has moved to New Orleans with her mother and her stepfather, Mike. The family hasn't been living there since Katrina in which Denise lost her father and grandmother. Denise's mother, Sally, has decided to buy an old house and dreams of turning it into a bed and breakfast. But the house is in disgusting conditi ...more

  • Akoss

    @Kidlitexchange #partner - I received a copy of this book from the Kidlitexchange network in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

    Releases 9/25/18

    Denise and her family move back to New Orleans in hopes of changing their fortune by renovating an old house and turning it into a bed and breakfast. Old houses are a tricky business to handle but when it becomes undeniable that the house didn't want Denise and her family around, she decides to push back and keep her family safe by un