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The Penguin Lessons

"I was hoping against hope that the penguin would survive because as of that instant he had a name, and with his name came the beginning of a bond which would last a life-time." Tom Michell is in his roaring twenties: single, free-spirited and seeking adventure. He has a plane ticket to South America, a teaching position in a prestigious Argentine boarding school, and endles...

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The Penguin Lessons Reviews

  • Emma

    What a charming little book!

    I picked this up simply because of the penguin on the cover (who can resist a cute penguin?) and i'm glad I did. The book is both comedic and silly, but in a sweet and heart warming way. The rather ridiculous chain of events that form the attempt, by a supremely English chap, to save the life of a penguin, are made even more humorous by the fact that it happens to be a true story. It has moments of incredible sadness, but even more of hope and compassion. The scene in

  • Jaime

    What a wonderful book to read on a Sunday afternoon it was only by chance seeing this book on a Goodreads ad that I read it I saw a cute little penguin out of the corner of my eye. I loved the adorable little sketches of Juan Salavdo the penguin through the book. I absolutely adore penguins I have them dotted all over my house soft toys,resin figures etc and this was just a heartwarming story about how a man saved a penguin from a oil spill in the 1970s, and kept him at an all boys school where ...more

  • Margo

    I initially selected this book for the quirkiness of the story - a teacher residing in an Argentinean boarding school with his pet penguin - but I soon become enthralled with the political backdrop.

    Set in the mid 70's in the dying days of the final Peronist regime the book describes how soaring inflation impacted on the Argentinean people and tells in an understandable way, what happens when an economy overheats. As a teacher, our narration had a roof over his head, no rent to pay, 3 meals a day

  • Elaine

    I’ll admit the penguin on the cover was what first attracted my attention to this book but, having read the synopsis, I was intrigued to read more - and I’m so glad I did! It is a heart warming tale of how Juan Salvador Pingüino came to be rescued from an oil slick then travelled from Uruguay to a boarding school in Argentina where he’s adopted by the staff and students alike.

    The narrator for the story is the author, Tom Michell, and this is part recount, part story, part travelogue and entirely

  • Caroline

    This is an enchanting and beautifully written book, about an unusual relationship between a man and a penguin, and it's full of the glorious flavours of Argentina in the 1970s. I cannot give it a better review than Caren's - which is here....

    My one add is to say if that you are concerned about animal welfare, you may want to skip the section dealing with the Argentinian cowboys.

  • Anita Vela

    Quería leer este libro desde que lo publicaron porque la sinopsis me atrapó por completo. Me encantan los animales y si juntamos; animales más mar… me ganas. Y la verdad que no me arrepiento de haberlo leído porque me ha encantando conocer la historia de Tom y conocer al pequeño Juan Salvado.

    Tengo que resaltar que me ha gustado mucho la forma de escribir del autor y como te cuenta su historia, es muy cercana, alegre y a su vez contiene muchos detalles. También tiene momentos divertidos y otros

  • Ronja

    Milý příběh o zachráněném tučňákovi, avšak bohužel docela neucelený, jen pár historek ze života s tučňákem a víc nic. Chybělo mi nějaké větší pozadí, vždyť život v Argentině musel být v té době hrozně napínavý; minimálně o přírodě se autor mohl rozepsat víc, tohle na zapamatovatelnou knížku nestačí.

  • Katie

    I'm semi heartbroken right now oh Juan! A fun but also surprisingly substantial story of a man who saves a penguin caught in an oil slick that acts as a travel log, a look at Argentinian history and a call to protect the environment and the animals in it. Be warned, if you like me love penguins, your heart will probably be stolen by this one.