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No Boring Stories

A group of odd animals is annoyed when a bunny tries to infiltrate their writing group. What could she possibly offer to their group? Surely she only wants to write about sharing and mommies and cuddling! A story about finding your people and following your heart, even if your heart is telling you to write about evil attacking grapes from outer space. ...

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No Boring Stories Reviews

  • Jennifer

    A picture book about a writing critique group!

  • Pam

    A group of animals gathers to write a story together. The bunny tries to join but they reject him as bunnies are in so many cute stories. They stereotype him without listening. They discover he wants to write the same types of adventure stories they do after a lot of sneaking and hiding to join them.

    Use to talk about listening and seeing beyond the obvious.

  • Kelly

    A neat story, but a little wordy for a picture book.

  • Marissa Burkey

    This story helps teach children to not judge a book, or in this case a bunny, by its cover. There are a large amount of words on each page, so this book would be better read by parents and not during a Storytime session.

  • Kathy

    This one would work for a middle school English classroom in which students are asked to diagram the parts of a story. The humor is too mature for the typical picture book audience.

  • Susan

    Anyone who's been part of a writing group (or even other types of groups) will relate to this clever, meta-fictional story told entirely through animal dialogue. My favorite line was "holy crabs!"

  • Lydia

    A group of animals who... tend not to star in stories have come up with their own story club/writers' group. However, a bunny really wants to join in, as she doesn't tend to write the kind of stories she is expected to, so she persists until the other animals realize what she is isn't important.

    The truly humorous part, is that I read a stack of picture books at the same time as this one, and nearly every single one of them had elements that the "writers' group" sneers at in this story! A fun sto


  • KC

    A chock full of story telling, creativity, humor and cooperation. A bit too much going on for my taste.