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Big Mushy Happy Lump

Sarah Andersen's second comics collection picks up right where the first left off - huddled under a pile of blankets avoiding the responsibilities of the real world. These new comics (and illustrated personal essays!) follow the ups and downs of the unrelenting self-esteem roller coaster that is young adult life: budgeting woes, cramps, the nuances of sweater theft, and the ...

Title : Big Mushy Happy Lump
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Number of Pages : 128 pages
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Big Mushy Happy Lump Reviews

  • Ahmed  Ejaz

    WOW! Again I am amazed how she has created humor out of real life situations. Adulthood is a Myth was also a relatable and humorous read. And so was this one. Another thing I liked about this comic is that, this time Sarah wrote personal essays on 'mostly she doesn't like popular things' and 'how she came to love cats' and 'her being a sweater theif'. Last one was uniquely weird. But I liked that too. :p

    All in all, I highly recommend both, this one and Adulthood is a Myth. You will love them bec

  • Maede

    سارا اندرسن عزیز؛ تو هیچوقت این ریویو رو نمی خونی ولی کتاب کوچکت منو تو یکی از سخت ترین و دردناک ترین هفته های زندگیم خندوند و باعث شد برای چند لحظه فراموش کنم و تو دنیای ساده ی گربه و سویشرت و درگیری های روزمره غرق شم

    و فکر می کنم این انتهای رسالت بعضی کتاب هاست

    ازت ممنونم


  • Mollyvknize

    Sarah první knize Dospělost je mýtus jsem dala 4*, protože jsem si říkala ,,Ty jo, přece nemůžu dát 5* komiksu s vtípky a pak 5* nějakému propracovanému románu... To by bylo divný, ne ...?" A víte co, kašlu na tooooo!!! Dám tomu 5*, protože to bylo božíííííí a já jsem se řáchala doma na celý kolo! Miluju Tě, Sarah (ale svetr Ti nepůjčím, ty zlodějko!).

  • Cyndi

    This book has gotten a lot of hype and I wondered if any of it was justified. It is. The art is simple and adorable while hitting so many issues right on the head. Of course I loved the panels we’ve all seen so many times of the heroine spending conservatively everywhere but the book store. Most of us readers would happily spend more money on books. But there are also excellent panels on puberty, college debt, and periods. Definitely worth reading for a few chances to get a chuckle at real life. ...more

  • Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣

    Sarah Andersen, I love your drawings!

    I could say that it feels as if she can crawl inside my head and see my most intimate thoughts and frustration. But I see many other people feel the same way. So I want to thank Sarah for showing me that there are other people such as myself out there. And I hope that she will publish many more Sarah's Scribbles books/comics.

    *I thank Sarah Andersen, Andrews McMeel Publishing, and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Megan Johnson

    After reading Sarah Andersen's first book of comics, I couldn't resist checking this one out. Luckily, it was just as cute as the first one and just as enjoyable.

    If you enjoy those cute, relatable comics that everyone seems to enjoy sharing on social media - you MUST check this out. Every one of these had me giggling and appreciating Sarah Andersen's humor. Not to mention, the artwork is so well done in it's simplicity and there's really something for everyone to enjoy.

    I mentioned in my review

  • Amalia Gavea

    I know now who my ever- faithful companions for life are. Meet Mister Social Anxiety and Mister Over-Thinking while Mister Crippling Lack of Self-Confidence appears in many Oscar-worthy cameos. And these gentlemen are gloriously presented by the pen of the magnificent and ridiculously talented Sarah Andersen.

    I feel so connected to the wonderful character Andersen has created. The introverted, procrastinating, awkward me was constantly nodding in agreement over every sketch. It is a glorious feel

  • AleJandra

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