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The Idiot

A portrait of the artist as a young woman. A novel about not just discovering but inventing oneself.The year is 1995, and email is new. Selin, the daughter of Turkish immigrants, arrives for her freshman year at Harvard. She signs up for classes in subjects she has never heard of, befriends her charismatic and worldly Serbian classmate, Svetlana, and, almost by accident, beg...

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The Idiot Reviews

  • Paul

    I suppose it's appropriate that one of the recurring themes in Elif Batuman's The Idiot is the sensation of being trapped – in conversation, in a situation, in a location. Because about two-thirds of the way through this frustrating and tedious novel, I realized I too was trapped – too curious to simply jettison the story, all too aware that the plot was heading into ever more stagnant territory. In the end, I couldn't help but feel that the title, although ostensibly a reference to the Dostoyev ...more

  • Michael Ferro

    This novel is a slow burn, but it's a pleasant warmth—not a scorching fire of excitement. But it's not meant to be either. Batuman has delivered a delightful, excruciatingly smart work of literary fiction that so perfectly captures the confusion of young love. For anyone who has ever felt "different," or a bit separated from a common reality, THE IDIOT is in your wheelhouse.

    Batuman is a writer's writer, giving us what our brain craves and doesn't waste our time with the cheap thrills that other

  • Steve Walker

    I received an ARC from the publisher for a free and honest review.

    Everyone has their favorite coming-of-age novel. Sadly, there may come a time for some when this sub-genre no longer works. I had high hopes for this novel. However, I just did not care. Lost interest in the characters, found myself rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue. This was not the novel for me. However, I look forward to the author's next novel.

  • Elyse Walters

    Library Overdrive by the author Elif Batuman

    I loved this book. I equally adored Elif Batuman’s seductively-innocent-child-sounding voice. I had no idea what to expect. The first time I looked at this book was a few weeks ago when in San Francisco with a Goodreads friends in Citylights book store. I still haven’t read any reviews- all I knew was that this was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

    Who doesn’t remember their freshman year of college - if you went? And tra

  • Umut Reviews

    I read 30% of this book falling for the cover and the fact that it's on the long list for Women's Prize.

    Sadly I had to DNF it because I'm bored to death! I think there will be people who will like this style of writing, but it's just not for me. For a book to take me in, there needs to be one of these elements:

    -Beautiful writing that I will admire. In this one, the sentences are short, feels choppy. Very daily language, I feel like I'm reading someone's journal during college days in a very sim

  • Tulay

    After listening this book, had to think about it long and hard before writing a review. First of all only reason I wanted to read was author is a daughter of Turkish parents. Places she was visiting was exciting places I would love to visit or lived in. But this book is definitely for twenty something age group, just going to university and discovering what life is about.

  • Sophie

    Ο τίτλος του μυθιστορήματος της Batuman δε μπορεί παρά φέρει στο μυαλό του αναγνώστη το ομότιτλο έργο του Dostoyevsky, κι αυτή είναι η προσδοκία, θεωρώ, της συγγραφέως· και τα δυο κείμενα που μοιράζονται τον ίδιο τίτλο μοιράζονται και μια μορφή ακραίας αφέλειας, του απροετοίμαστου για την πραγματική ζωή πρωταγωνιστή.

    Η ηρωίδα της Batuman βέβαια κάθε άλλο παρά ανόητη θα μπορούσε να χαρακτηριστεί, μάλλον αποπροσανατολισμένη στο πανεπιστημιακό περιβάλλον, όπου τα ασυνήθιστα ταλέντα παύουν να είναι α

    It was hard to decide on a literature course. Everything the professors said seemed to be somehow beside the point. You wanted to know why Anna had to die, and instead they told you that 19th century Russian landowners felt conflicted about whether they were really a part of Europe. The implication was that it was somehow naive to want to talk about anything interesting, or to think that you would ever know anything important.

  • cristina c

    Selin è una diciottenne che sembra non appartenere fino in fondo a nessun posto. Studia ad Harvard ma è di origine turche, cerca di imparare il russo ma lo trova ostico, vuole scrivere ma a volte teme che la scrittura sia sfuggire alla vita e insegue l'amore senza riuscire ad afferrarlo mentre invece trova con facilità l'amicizia che non ha cercato.

    Avevo già letto la Batuman anni fa, nel suo primo libro tradotto in Italia I Posseduti che mi aveva deluso perché lo credevo un libro che sulla lette