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One Indian Girl

Hi, I'm Radhika Mehta and I'm getting married this week. I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you.You may not like me too much. One, I make a lot of money. Two, I have an opinion on everything. Three, I have had a boyfriend before. OK, maybe two.Now if all this was the case with a guy, one might be cool with it. Bu...

Title : One Indian Girl
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Number of Pages : 272 pages
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One Indian Girl Reviews

  • Chloe Kim

    Chetan Bhagat sucks!!!

    Honestly, it's a waste of time to read such books!

  • Tisha

    কয়েক পাতা পড়লাম মাতর, আর পড়ার ইচছা নাই। চেতান ভাগাত = ঐ দেশের আনিসুল হক! :| ...more

  • সাদমান হুসাইন

    My review will be done in few simple sentences.

    I'm not going to talk about the plot, the characters or anything like that.

    You can check through other reviews if you wish to learn about those.

    Ever had the feeling that you're doing something wrong, discovering something that was meant to be left alone in the cesspit of time?

    I had the exact feeling when reading this book.

    I feel like throwing up after reading this.

    An utter abomination.

    Would have given negative stars if Goodreads allowed me to.

    My r

  • Manveer

    DON'T JUDGE ME. I picked up this book just to rant about it.

    “Some people are good at taking decisions. I am not one of them.”

    Me too, Mr. Bhagat, me too. Picking up your book was one such decision.

    So, Chetan Bhagat has outdone himself. Really. Some of his past works have actually been readable but not this. Even cringeworthy would be too good a word.

    So, yes. I ended up wasting a few hours on this book. Actually, I fucking wasted my Friday evening of this book. Oh wait, I fucking put Wheel of Time

  • Abitha Kittu

    I know it takes a village to write a book. And I felt that the concept of feminism was totally wrong. Radhika has totally messed up her life . She does everything with the person she meets? I don't think that's what I do . I hate this book.

    When they were a lot of expectations to this book, it was a utter disappointment for me :(

  • Anuradha

    No judgments, please! Those of you that know me, know that I sometimes read the really bad books to trash them. What better book is there than Chetan Bhagat's take on feminism? I'm not going to bother with the spoilers here, because I don't actually expect people to read this other than to trash it. If you are reading it because you think "it's good Indian literature", I would request you to kindly fuck off from this review, because you will not like what I have to say.

    Meet Radhika Mehta, smart

  • Priyanka Adhikary

    Dear Chetan, I have a verse for you

    Which can be enjoyed by your readers too

    So without much delay or ado

    Let me share what I think of you

    The first book that you penned down

    Is the only jewel in your crown

    It did give some meaningful insight

    Into an engineering student’s plight

    The second book was quite a shocker

    Made me wonder if you were off your rocker

    A story so completely inane

    It made reading seem an unbearable pain

    But after that, what happened to thee?

    You embarked on this insane spree

    Of doling out

  • Pratibha Mazumdar

    Indian readers are crazy for Chetan's writings and make his each and every book a bestseller, even before the release. The same story has happened with this book too. The book has all elements and revolves around career, self-discovery, heart-break, marriage, etc. I bought it's ebook and some other bestsellers at amazing discounts from Amazon: