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Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Based on the true story of a forgotten hero, Beneath a Scarlet Sky is the triumphant, epic tale of one young mans incredible courage and resilience during one of historys darkest hours. Pino Lella wants nothing to do with the war or the Nazis. Hes a normal Italian teenagerobsessed with music, food, and girlsbut his days of innocence are numbered. When his family home in M...

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Beneath a Scarlet Sky Reviews

  • Lisa

    Masterful tale of a young man’s courageous struggle to fight for the greater good during the Nazi occupation of Milan during World War II.


    Although a work of fiction this novel is based on a true story with a real hero. At the heart of the story is a normal seventeen-year-old Italian boy named Pino Lella. He is obsessed with music, finding a girl, and falling in love. But then in 1943, the bombs start dropping on Milan and his family home is destroyed. His parents send him to a camp in th

  • Roula

    Στο βιβλιο αυτο συνανταμε σαν κυριο ηρωα τον ιταλο Πινο Λελα, εναν νεαρο που ζει την εποχη του Β' Παγκοσμιου πολεμου.κι ενω η ηλικια του θα επρεπε να χαρακτηριζεται απο ανεμελια και ξεγνοιασια, οι εξελιξεις τον υποχρεωνουν να ωριμασει και να γινει ενας γενναιος ανδρας που θα βοηθησει με πολλους και διαφορους τροπους τη χωρα του σε αυτη την πολυ δυσκολη περιοδο και που θα γινει μερος της ιστοριας της.

    Προκειται για πραγματικα γεγονοτα που ο ιδιος ο πρωταγωνιστης διηγηθηκε στον συγγραφεα του βιβλιο

  • Rose

    A powerful book, that ai highly recommend. I have read many books on this subject but none from the viewpoint of Italy. An excellent read.

  • Jonathan Isakoff

    This book brought me to tears

    This is far and away one of the best books ever on Kindle First. It's a riveting story of love and righteousness. I won't give away more than that. If you want to know the perspective of an Italian during World War II, this is worth the read.

  • Candace

    Review to come.

  • Ron

    Lives are lost during wars. We know this. Others are forever changed because of them, as family and friends do not return home, for many the reason is never known. Love can also begin, but then sometimes it's stolen before it has the chance to fully blossom. And there are also the stories of unaccountable bravery. Men and women who give or try, even if only a little, to fight oppression and wrong. Very often, much more than a little was given. And with those, there are stories that are forgotten ...more

  • Tania

    What I liked most about this novel is the look at WWII in Italy. I've read a few books that has skimmed over it, but Beneath a Scarlet Sky, gave me a much better sense of time and place. Every country has different stories to tell about it's unique experiences. I liked that this was mostly based on a real life person, as I would have thought that there was too much happening if it was fictionalized, but as we know truth is almost always stranger than fiction. I also liked that Pino was portrayed ...more

  • Elizabeth (Alaska)

    The vocabulary and sentence structure seem geared toward about fifth grade.

    As the boys moved on, Mimo limped along while rubbing his right hip and complaining. But Pino was barely listening. A tawny-blond woman with slate-blue eyes was coming down the sidewalk right at them. He guessed her to be in her early twenties. She was beautifully put together, with a gentle nose, high cheekbones, and lips that curled naturally into an easy smile. Svelte and of medium height, she wore a yellow summer dre