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The Boy

An unfathomable loss or an unthinkable crime? Number one New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag keeps you guessing in her most harrowing thriller yet.A panic-stricken woman runs in the dead of night, battered and bloodied, desperate to find help. . . . When Detective Nick Fourcade enters the home of Genevieve Gauthier outside the sleepy town of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana, ...

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The Boy Reviews

  • Debra

    3.5 stars

    A panic-stricken woman runs in the dead of night, battered and bloodied, desperate to find help. . .

    The Boy is the second book in the Brousssard and Fourcade series but worked very well as a stand-alone novel for me. Nick Fourcade and his wife, Annie Broussard are both detectives working in the Cajun town of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana. One night, Nick is called to a bloody crime scene which left a seven-year-old boy dead and his mother hospitalized. There is nothing at the crime scene whic

  • Anita

    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

    I can hardly wait! I love a good bayou mystery and Tami Hoag is really good at making the essence of that area come alive. The first Broussard and Fourcade book was years ago and I loved it. Her Doucet Series is one of my favorites, romance with a great mystery, just wonderful. Broussard and Fourcade Series, book one at least, is more mystery, but doesn't skimp on the romance.

  • Denise Shaver

    Can’t decide if I will finish reading this book. As soon as this character was introduced, I suspected he/she was the killer. Less than 200 pages in, I was certain. A quick flip to the back revealed I was correct. I’m a little disappointed with how obvious it was. I might continue reading to see how the loose threads tie up, but I’m not sure. Either I’m getting really good at this or authors are getting predictable.

    Edited to add: decided to DNF. I feel no connection or investment with these char

  • ♥Rachel♥

    A seven-year-old boy is brutally murdered, while his mother escapes injured and bloodied. As disturbing and puzzling facts come to light it’s up to Detectives Nick Fourcade and Annie Broussard sort them out, find the killer and bring him to justice. Solving the case is made more difficult by the new sheriff of Partout Parish who loves to make a show for the press all the while butting in and trying to control investigative procedure.

    I first met Nick in Annie in A Thin Dark Line published back i

  • Maggie Boyd

    There is an old saying: ‘Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.’ Tami Hoag’s The Boy is a dark, gritty mystery that highlights how keeping a secret often involves making sure that everyone else who knows it is, indeed, dead.

    This is Hoag’s second book featuring Annie Broussard and Nick Fourcade. You don’t need to read the first one to enjoy this, although I would recommend it since a great deal of character building, relationship building and backstory is contained in A Thin Dark Line.


  • Diane Hernandez

    With a masterful plot, unique characters and a pitch-perfect rural setting, there is nothing in The Boy that I didn’t love.

    A woman awakens to a ghastly sound coming from 7-year-old son’s room. Racing to his room, she finds him stabbed multiple time and the killer next turns the knife on her. Fearing for her safety, she runs bloody and wounded to her neighbors for help.

    Annie and Nick, married detectives in rural Partout Parish Louisiana, are assigned the case. If only they could stop the new gran

  • Mystery & Thriller

    Detective Nick Fourcade is in for a shock when he enters the home of Genevieve Gauthier in Bayou Breaux, Louisiana, and finds the mutilated body of seven-year-old KJ. The boy had been stabbed multiple times, and the scene is one of blood and gore. Not even Nick, a veteran law enforcement official, is immune to the immensity of such a brutal crime.

    Genevieve claims that her son was killed in the house, and she was awakened by his screams. When she tried to help him, she was attacked with a knife.

  • Mainlinebooker

    I only wish people could hear me scream at the top of my lungs encouraging lovers of crime thrillers to pick up a copy of this book. My audible gasps could be heard throughout the house as the suspense and twists and turns took me to new and arresting heights. Though I read her previous novel many years ago, this totally worked as a stand alone in this series. The dialogue and characters were pitch perfect and contributed greatly to the atmospheric qualities of the Louisiana area. The story begi ...more