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What happens when a single mother is forced to live with a grumpy, ailing football star? The smolder turns red hot of course.Amanda Shaw has pulled it together. Its taken a couple of years, a boatload of hard work, and a ton of self-discipline, but she finally has her problems in a headlock. Her yoga studio in the city has become so successful shes opening one near the beach...

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Bulldozer Reviews

  • Christy

    4.5 stars!!

    Bulldozer is my first book by P. Dangelico but it certainly won’t be my last! This book was wonderful. It gave me all the happy feels and I’m always looking for more authors that can do slow burn well. This author definitely can!

    Amanda Shaw and her son Sam are staying at her brother’s house for the summer. Her brother, a former NFL player, has a nice place where she can work and get some time with her kid. It’s all planned out. Until she shows up and finds Grant there. Grant is her

    Despite the way this man has turned my life upside down and inside out, a silly smile stretches across my face. Time to face the undeniable truth that Grant Hendricks is really hard to hate.

    Deep down, Grant is a real sweetheart. He starts to grow on Amanda and is amazing with her son. Amanda hasn’t had the easiest life but she’s a great mom and is turning it around. She doesn’t trust easy, and she’s a tough nut to crack, but Grant just may be the guy that can do it.

    Grant was legit my perfect hero. Sure he was a bit of jerk at the start, but not in a bad way. But OMG he more than made up for it later. I adored him so much! I liked Amanda, too, but she had moments, towards the end especially, that even though I understood to an extent, frustrated me beyond belief. Both of these two deserved a love like this so much and I rooted for them both so hard! Together they were so swoony! I mean, just read this quote *sigh*

    “You’re everything a girl could wish for.”

    “Did you wish for me?” He looks a little lost and a lot anxious. How can he not know his value? How can he not know he’s the best thing since the invention of fire, and Krispy Kreme donuts and drive-thru Starbucks and e-readers? How can he not know that I love him completely and entirely? I place a chaste kiss on his lips. “No. But only because I stopped believing men as good as you existed.”
This book was most definitely a win for me. I loved the slow burn romance, the enemies to friends to lovers storyline and I always love when one of the MC’s is a single parent. It was a fantastic read. I can’t wait to read more of the books from Dangelico’s ‘Hard to Love’ series, but I’ve got to say- these characters were so easy for me to love!! If you’re looking for a swoon-worthy here and a sweet, sexy, emotional, and laugh out loud funny romance, check this book out! You won’t be disappointed.

    “This is the best summer I’ve ever had,” he says so softly it’s barely above a whisper. “You’re the best time I’ve ever had.”

  • P. Dangelico
  • Jen

    5 Stars

    Amanda Shaw’s had a rough couple of years. Hell, make that a rough couple of decades. As the second oldest of eight and the only daughter to two alcoholics, from a very early age Mandy and her older brother Calvin (from Wrecking Ball fame) were tasked with making sure their younger brothers were taken care of, fed and clothed. You know, all the important stuff parents usually do for their children. The decision to leave home at the age of seventeen to model full time seemed like a no brai

  • Jennifer Kyle

    4 Stars ⭐ ...more

  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦

    “I’ve made mistakes, more than my share. But Grant? He’s the right to all my wrongs.”

    Bulldozer is my second book by P. Dangelico and I am absolutely loving her writing and the characters she creates. I have to go back and read some of her back catalogue because if they are half as good as Bulldozer, then I know I am in for a treat. This story was just the perfect amount of fun, sexy feels and slow burning romance to keep me captivated throughout.

    The first meeting between Amanda and Grant wa ...more

  • Natalia


    This book is so funny, really liked Mandy... The way she tries to be good and do the right thing but just loses it...

    "From this day forth, he needs to namastay the fuck away from me, or it’s going to get really ugly."

    The Kid we already know from Cal + Cam book, but in this one he is a little bratty sometimes!!!

    The H was "nice" but i think that he was under developed... would like him to express himself better and developed a deep connection both ways!! it felt a little rushed!

    I gave +o,5

  • Heather❀Book and a Blanket❀

    4.5 stars!!

    I loved this one so much! This was the perfect blend of sexy, funny and swoon worthy feels! This is the 3rd book in the Hard to Love series but can be read as a complete standalone. This is Amanda's story. She is the sister of Cal from Wrecking Ball.

    Let me just start off by saying this is probably the funniest book I've read from P. Dangelico. She really stepped up the humor element in this one. The scene where our hero and heroine first meet is seriously LOL epic and it justs gets be

  • Emma

    It's what you've come to expect from P. Dangelico. Some kind of misanderstanding at the beginning, friendship after the characters got to know each other, then love with the sweetness and angst that comes with it. It's a good formula if it played, let's say... naturally. For me, Nothing felt natural about this book. I felt no chemistry between the MCs, so, I skipped the sex scenes. Their other interactions too, didn't feel natural, the emotions were forced. like yeah, this passage needs emotions ...more