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Phoenix Unbound

A woman with power over fire and illusion and an enslaved son of a chieftain battle a corrupt empire in this powerful and deeply emotional romantic fantasy from the USA Today bestselling author of Radiance.Every year, each village is required to send a young woman to the Empire's capital--her fate to be burned alive for the entertainment of the masses. For the last five year...

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Phoenix Unbound Reviews

  • Laura Thalassa


    What a freaking ride! This book was everything I wanted and more. I'm desperately hoping this is the beginning of a series because I need M-O-R-E!

    So if any of you have seen me on Facebook, you know I've been harping about this book for a while now. I mean, Grace won me over with Radiance, so I know anything she writes is gold, but when she happened to mention researching kurgans (totally worth Wiki-ing if you've never heard of the term before) the psycho archaeology nut in me went rabi

  • Ann (annreads)

    “He bent to kiss her right eyelid, then her left, the salt of her tears stinging his lips. “I’m a greedy man. I want all of you, heart, soul, and body. You already have all that I am. It seems only fair.”

    Omg that was SO good! At this point I’m only hoping for the next book to come out quickly because I need MORE😍


  • Katiria

    *** I received this book by the Penguin First To Read Program in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much to Ace Books for the oppertunity to read and review Phoenix Unbound! ***

    Oh My, My My what a fantastic and amazing book Phoenix Unbound was for me, I can not describe how excited I was about reading this book. I heard nothing but amazing things about Grace Draven other books. I have read some of the reviews about Mrs. Draven other books and they were all highly praised and recommende

  • Beth

    Phoenix Unbound contains a complex, captivating, dark and compelling plot that I couldn't help but love every second of it! That being said, its a snowball rolling down the hill read. It starts out with a young woman being sent by her tribe as a sacrifice to the evil ruler's gods and ends up being SO. MUCH. MORE.

    What can I say but I'm completely hooked. Draven writes a high fantasy packed with all my favorites, magic, mayhem, romance and writing that rivets the read to the pages. I simply can't

  • Christa

    “Home is among those who love you.”

    Gilene is a fire witch who uses her power every year to disguise her appearance. The empire requires a sacrifice of young women. She goes every year to keep someone from her village from dying.

    Their stares shifted briefly past her shoulder to where her family huddled together to watch her leave.

    Not all shackles were fashioned of iron.

    Azarion is a gladiator, sold into slavery by his cousin, who has become the best, but is looking for a way to go home to hi

  • Holly

    Grace Draven books always seems to have a very interesting premise, but for whatever reason I just never find myself really drawn into them. They are written well enough with believable (yet a little sparse) world building, but the story pacing is where I find myself zoning out at times.

    The basic idea behind this book is that in a fantasy world there is an empire that forces every town to sacrifice a woman to be taken to the capital for a ritual burning. One town has a woman (Gilene) who can't

  • Hollis

    So, right off the bat I have to clarify that this isn't quite as good as Wraith Kings or Master of Crows or, my all-time fave, ENTREAT ME. The writing for this particular new series feels different, not bad different, just.. had you handed me this book and had me guess the author, I would never have suspected Draven. I don't know if it's just me or what but I look forward to discussing that with others as more and more people get their hands on this title.

    "I may curse your name for dragging me h

  • Douglas Meeks

    I was not sure exactly what to expect from this new series from Grace Draven since I am hopelessly addicted to her “Wraith Kings” series but I did not want to see that story rehashed into another series but since I have pretty much considered almost everything she has written in the 5 Star area I was expecting a lot so I should not have worried, totally different story and setting.

    Can’t say I was disappointed since we have somewhat of a basic epic fantasy type of a plot where we have a couple th