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Saga, Vol. 8

After the traumatic events of the War for Phang, Hazel, her parents, and their surviving companions embark on a life-changing adventure at the westernmost edge of the universe.Collecting: Saga 43-48. ...

Title : Saga, Vol. 8
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Number of Pages : 146 pages
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Saga, Vol. 8 Reviews

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)

    Not the best in the series, but I can't wait to see where the next volume will take us!

  • Paul E. Morph

    My second-most-difficult read of 2017. Heart-rendingly brilliant.

  • Fables&Wren

    That was.... political. RTC

  • Hamad

    Actual rating 4.25 stars or even higher

    Let's play a game: let's think of as much synonym as possible to the word Good"

    - This was Good

    - Exceptional

    - Great

    - Favorable

    - Marvelous

    - Positive

    - Satisfying

    - Superb

    - Valuable

    - Wonderful

    So I think you get the idea guys...

    I don't know how I can be surprised every single effing time

    If I would recommend a single comic series then it would be this without a doubt

    8 volumes and it is still going strong.

    Wow, just wow

    Comment any other positive words you can think

  • Sh3lly (

    There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, so I'll keep this brief. Petrichor is just about my favorite character and she has a big part in this! Hazel is adorable and another favorite. It's fun to see her growing up.

    I liked the craziness of this one - the poop people! LOL. I love when you're thinking, "Did they really go there? Oh yes, they did." Which brings me to the political tones which were pretty heavy. I'd prefer less politics and more fun and adventure. But, Saga has alwa

  • Matthew

    Saga continues to impress and shock. This series is definitely not for everyone and I feel like this issue went farther when it comes to controversial issues and content than any previous issue. It makes it one heck of a ride, but proceed with caution if you offend easily!

    For me, the controversial content (which I cannot specify without spoilers) is presented in a fascinating and moving way. It is not always easy to weave sensitive content into a story, but this volume handles two or three hot b

  • Jennifer (Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー)

    This is one of THE BEST volumes so far - all about healing.

    (view spoiler)

    Edit: This is just here so volume 9 can wreck your soul and shatter it into tiny, tiny pieces.

  • karen

    oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best graphic novel 2018! what will happen?

    When did you first know that you’d give up your life for someone? Okay, maybe you’ve never felt that way, but parents usually say that about their offspring, right? Personally, I think it’s almost always a dumb idea to sacrifice your own existence for others. Or worse, for some “cause.” If we were all a little more selfish instead of being in such a hurry to defend everything to the death, the universe would