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The Prophet Calls

Born into a polygamous community in the foothills of New Mexico, Gentry Forrester feels lucky to live among Gods chosen. Here, she lives apart from the outside world and its evils.On her thirteenth birthday, Gentry receives a new violin from her father and, more than anything, she wants to play at the Santa Fe Music Festival with her brother, Tanner. But then the Prophet cal...

Title : The Prophet Calls
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ISBN : 1499807554
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Number of Pages : 288 pages
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The Prophet Calls Reviews

  • Luciana Babocci

    What an interesting read!

    It's a story about a 13 year old who is born in a cult in which the Prophet dictates what is right and what is wrong. Gentry feels very fortunate to be a part of God's chosen as they are taught that the outside world is evil, that the more wives and children you have, the better your end reward, etc.; however, she begins to question many things especially the outlawing of music in her community. She and her brother Tanner are accepted to play in a music festival far from

  • Hema Penmetsa

    I have been lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of THE PROPHET CALLS before its publication, which is set for November 6th of 2018.

    The very second sentence of the book, which says, “In the shade of the general store, my three mothers shake their heads in unison,” makes the reader sit up and take notice: this is no run-of-the-mill middle grade novel. Those words hint at the fact that this is an involved and thought-provoking story. What the reader has surmised from that

  • Anne O'Brien Carelli

    I received an ARC in exchange for a review and I'm glad I had a long ride so I could read it right through. I kept reading parts of it out loud to the driver. This book is compelling on many levels - not only because it's based on reality, but because it's beautifully written and moves along swiftly. I was with Gentry, the MC, from the very beginning and was always anxious to see what was on the next page. It should be made clear that no there's no judgement in this book - just the story about G ...more

  • Kristin Crouch

    Riveting window into an entirely different lifestyle. Gentry was born into a polygamous community in New Mexico. I must admit that my weakness would be not knowing how much of the story is realistic, but to me, it seemed very real and well researched.

    At age 13, Gentry is beginning to see the faults in the beliefs of her community: is the Prophet all knowing? Is he making proclamations to reward his most faithful followers? How can violence be so well received? Why is Gentry's community the 'cho

  • Lone Tree Reviews

    You know when you start a book just right at bedtime thinking that you would only read a couple of chapters that would turn into the book fully read in two hours, it's then you know that you have a book that is destined for greatness! The Prophet Calls grabs you from that first page and won't let go until that last word is read and even then, I wanted more of this story on what happens after for this family.

    Having been born into a polygamous family, Gentry and her very large family is all she k

  • Cassie Thomas

    I have never read anything like The Prophet Calls, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the story. Think student level Handmaid's Tale. I found myself feeling completely emotional in wanting to help children in circumstances such as Gentry's that are beyond their control. I felt disgusted reading, but I couldn't stop. Everything Melanie wrote is accurate on so many levels, but also written in a way that students will be able to comprehend, question, and then inquire about. Yes, they live in a po ...more

  • Sandy O'Brien

    “But I feel so torn. I know what’s right, so why doesn’t it feel right?”

    Gentry lives in a polygamy community where she lives apart from the outside world and it’s “evils”. There are rules upon rules that the Prophet has professed and are strictly enforced by the God Squad. Gentry has always followed them, but resisted within her mind.

    Gentry and her brother, Tanner, are invited to perform at a local art festival. The night before the event the Prophet calls to outlaw music and says that women ar

  • Ellen

    Oooooh did I enjoy this! The subject matter made it very hard to deal with, especially for young readers (abuse, child marriage, fundamentalist gender norms) but man was it intriguing! The first few chapters were a bit slow and didn't let on too much as to what was coming, but once the meat of the plot began, this story really took off. Nothing was too explicit and much was left to the imagination, so I believe adult readers could have a totally different experience with this book than a younger ...more