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Herding Cats

Adjusting to life as a world-famous cartoonist isn't easy. Terrifying deadlines, piles of junk-food wrappers under a glowing computer screen, and an ever-growing horde of pets....umm, never mind--it's pretty much the same.With characteristic wit and charm, Sarah Andersen's third collection of comics and illustrated personal essays offers a survival guide for frantic modern l...

Title : Herding Cats
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Number of Pages : 112 pages
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Herding Cats Reviews

  • Scarlet Cameo

    Maybe...if I stop watching these images when Andersen post it, this will be as good as was the first one...maybe


  • Nat

    These collections of comic strips by Sarah Andersen always magically appear in my life just in time to cheer me out of a foul mood. They're short and entertaining enough (for my attention span at the time) to successfully take my mind of things and feel a proper sense of relief. And I'm beyond grateful, as always.

    With characteristic wit and charm, Sarah Andersen’s third collection of comics and illustrated personal essays offers a survival guide for frantic modern life: from the importance of a

  • abby

    I have wanted to read the Sarah Scribbles collection for a while now, but it was the title Herding Cats that finally got me to pounce. Jokes are funnier when they involve cats. This is an indisputable fact of the universe. I very much enjoyed the strips where Sarah pokes fun of her irrational devotion to her feline friend but was disappointed they were so few in number. Despite the title and cover picture, most of these comics are not animal related. That doesn't mean I didn't find humor in them ...more

  • karen

    oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best graphic novel 2018! what will happen?

    more of the same sarah andersen-style charm and doodles; if you liked the first two books, you’re bound to like this one. i find her endlessly delightful, and the only reason i liked this book SLIGHTLY less than the first two is that the last part is a long essay directed at young artists about how to handle self-doubt, internet trolls, and criticism in general. which is a fantastic thing to have done and i’

  • destiny ♎ [howling libraries]

    If you're friends with me on any sort of personal social media account, you probably already know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Sarah's Scribbles. While I adore webcomics from all sorts of artists and sources, Sarah's are some of the few comics that can, without fail, always make me laugh out loud, smile, or even just go, "Yep, been there." This collection is probably my favorite so far. I just about died laughing over some of the comics, while others had me nodding vigorously and biti ...more

  • Emily May

    Sarah Andersen just KNOWS.

  • Sara M. Abudahab

    I absolutely LOVE IT!!

    Sarah Andersen never fails to make me laugh!

    Herding Cats is hilarious and full of positive energy and actually made me laugh out loud many times (it has been a while since a book made me do that). I was afraid that it won't be as good as her first two books, but I might actually like this one even more because of her personal touch and the bits of advice to young artists at the end.

    It simply made my day :)

    I highly recommend reading this from Netgalley <3

  • Hamad

    I like how this may be the most relatable web comic ever!

    3 issues and this does not disappoint, so funny, light and once again,relatable!

    If you are in a bad mood and want something to cheer you up, this is too perfect!

    I am going to give this to my brother as he is an artist and he loves cats, this was made for him!

    I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review, all opinions are mine