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A Forgotten Place

Though the Great War has ended, Bess Crawford finds herself caught in deadly circumstances on a remote Welsh headland in this tenth entry from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author.The fighting has ended, the Armistice signed, but the war has left wounds that are still agonizingly raw. Battlefield Nurse Bess Crawford has been assigned to a clinic for amputees, and ...

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A Forgotten Place Reviews

  • Debbie Maskus

    The Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd transports me to wild, vibrant Wales and to a time after WWI when the world attempts to recover from the horrors of war. The Welsh men that have survived the trenches, but have lost a limb, must attempt to return to a job and family. A Forgotten Place depicts the suffering and despair of these returning veterans. The description of the men elicits a grim picture of the war’s aftermath, with most of the men committing suicide rather than becoming a burden ...more

  • Christine

    I have to admit that I am addicted to Charles Todd mysteries, first to all the ones about Inspector Ian Rutledge, but also to the writing team’s second series featuring nurse Bess Crawford. The latest of the Bess Crawford mysteries, “A Forgotten Place” was published the other day and Amazon duly sent it out to me immediately. It stayed on my desk for a few days as I was finishing another novel about WWI (both the Todd series start in WWI or just after). Today was my first free day, so I thought ...more

  • Maxine

    WWI has ended and Nurse Bess Crawford is back home in England tending to the many wounded vets. Not long after a group of men from a small mining town in Wales are released, she receives a letter from their commanding officer who is from the same town. Captain Williams is worried about them. They were all too injured to return to their former jobs in the mine and they seem to be suffering from severe depression - already some have committed suicide. He asks her to come and check up on them but w ...more

  • Monica

    This was very hard to get through and it drug in so many parts. The war has ended and Bess takes a leave to check on amputees. Along the way, she ends up in a mining village where an avalanche happens and one of the soliders commits suicide. She than ends up in a Gothic like village. She gets stranded here for WAY Too Long. I would skip it, unless you are just really invested in the series.

  • LJ

    First Sentence: The war had ended, but not the suffering.

    The war is officially over, and WWI field nurse Bess Crawford has been reassigned to a clinic in England for amputee soldiers. After the suicide of one of her patients, Bess takes advantage of her 10-day leave, traveling to Wales to check on several of her Welsh patients, one about whom she is particularly concerned. Deserted by her driver in a very small hamlet, Bess finds herself trapped in a place where she's not wanted but has no way t

  • Stephen

    The Armistice has been signed, the fighting has stopped and WWI is coming to an end. But the work for Bess Crawford is not over and in some ways it is just starting. The soldiers she is caring for are all victims , who have lost arms or legs or both. The company she is working with are from Wales where the main occupation is in the mines. All of her patients can't shake their depression because they will be unable to return to their jobs in the mines. Bess works closely with Captain Hugh William ...more

  • Joyce

    4 stars

    I read the paperback edition.

    It’s December 1918 and the war is finally over. In France after the war Nurse Bess Crawford is assigned to a hospital looking after men too ill to move back to England. They are all Welshmen, the only survivors of a battle eleven days before the war ended. All are enlisted except for their Captain, Captain Hugh Williams. All worked in the mines, except Williams who was an accountant for the mining company. To a man, they know they can’t work in the mines any l

  • Charlene

    Really enjoyed this; best of the Crawford series so far. One of the things I most appreciate in the Ian Rutledge series is their strong sense of place, they are usually set in a very distinct place in Britain, one with its own landscape, culture and history. This hasn't been true before of the Bess Crawford series but definitely is with this novel . . . the Great War is over and while the first few pages are set in a France hospital, soon Bess finds herself serving as a rehab nurse in Britain. W ...more