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Catching Caden

If all they see are her scars - they aren't looking hard enough.It was my home run ball that shattered her face.Right along with her modeling career.Now it's my mission to help her rebuild her life.And get her to love the game that she hates.The game that dictates my life both on and off the field.But when the lines of our friendship become blurred, I worry she'll just be a...

Title : Catching Caden
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Number of Pages : 402 pages
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Catching Caden Reviews

  • Jacqueline's Reads

    4 Stars

    Samantha Christy is becoming one of my go-to authors. Catching Caden is a standalone and is part of The Perfect Game Series.

    I’m not a huge light-chick sports fan reader, but lately this has been my jam. One of the reasons why I love Samantha Christy books lately is because she writes heavily dialogue based books. I can’t express to you how this is my preferred type of reading. I’m not into overly descriptive books and I like that this book is majority written with dialogue.

    Caden is a sup

  • Ariel

    This was a pretty cute book. I was really into it at first, but at the halfway point, it started to get really boring so I skimmed the rest.

  • Anna

    Very good story! In love with Kessler :)))

  • Susan

    This was such a wonderful read. Samantha Christy knows how to write guys that are super swoon-worthy! Caden Kessler falls into that category for sure!!

    Caden is the starting catcher for the NY Nighthawks. In the middle of a game, he hits a homerun that ends up hitting a fan in the stadium. Feeling guilty, he tracks this person down and visits her at the hospital. They start off as friends, but their chemistry is undeniable, and leads to more.

    The writing was done well, and the pace was perfect. B

  • Alex ♈

    2.5 stars

    Good writing, interesting plot, overall likable characters, safe.

    It was my 1st book by this author.

    My ranty rating is mostly about poor portrayal of all female characters, who were neither related nor were friends with the main characters, in a nutshell -> slut-shaming, OTT.

    *** SPOILERS *** *** Very probably unpopular opinion ***

    (view spoiler)

  • Nicole


  • Jaime

    I'm stopping at 43%. I guess I COULD finish it, but I am just SO BORED. NOTHING is happening. It seems like the consensus with a lot of the lower star ratings is that it is great in the beginning, slow in the middle, and then okay at the end. I'm in the middle and having a hard time finishing it.

    I agree that the beginning was good. It was entertaining and I liked the friendship that Caden and Murphy were building. The problem is they're denying their attraction and acting like they don't even kn

  • Lavender

    4 STARS

    Oh Caden Kessler. Professional baseball player and full time hottie. A real celebrity on and off the field. When he's not hitting balls out of the park, he's dodging clingy fans and camera lights.

    Caden is an all around good guy—a considerate and loyal friend, he's the take-care-of-you-kind of guy, a man of his word, and the protector of all things vulnerable.

    He loves his sister and he's the best Uncle. But baseball is the only healthy, long-lasting relationship Caden Kessler has had, li