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The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties

From world-renowned economist Paul Collier, a candid diagnosis of the failures of capitalism and a pragmatic and realistic vision for how we can repair it.Deep new rifts are tearing apart the fabric of the United States and other Western societies: thriving cities versus rural counties, the highly skilled elite versus the less educated, wealthy versus developing countries. A...

Title : The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties
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The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties Reviews

  • Thales Monteiro

    A good perspective about some bad situations directly or indirectly associated with capitalism. Some chapters go too deep in subjects and sometimes it gets a little hard to follow but overall a good book with nice dissection of problems and good proposition of solutions.

  • Scott

    This is an interesting and thoughtful book. Paul's comments about belonging resonate with me. But I remain uncertain about the duty of rescue, especially in the context of his other comments. He essentially attacks victimhood, the notion that victims somehow deserve certain treatment and rights, yet he ascribes duties for us to rescue people under certain circumstances too. Rescue seems to be related to saving people's lives, while victimhood involves more "optional" assistance, I suppose. Given ...more

  • Mehrsa

    Collier makes some excellent books in here, but the idea needed some time to mature and become clear. The book offers a hodgepodge of problems and a few hodgepodge solutions. Problems go from feminism and the decline of marriage to offshore tax havens. Basically, lack of morality infuses the market and the family and it must be recovered. How? Through communities. I enjoyed a few sections here and there, but that story just doesn't work as an indictment or even a description of capitalism. He do ...more

  • Pinar

    hızlı okunan, kolay anlaşılır, ekonomi dışında her konuya değinen, içeriğin büyük bir kısmı Noah Harari'den derlenmiş hissi veren, sonuç itibariyle kapitalizmden başka bir gelecek görmeyen, solcularla nazileri eleştiren, ama kapitalizmin de böyle gitmeyeceğini söyleyen, çözüm olarak "etik kapitalizm" diyen bir kitap. yazar kitabı politikacılar için yazmamış, vatandaşlara yazmış. kitap içindeki tezlerin daha tam oturmadığını geliştirilmesi gerektiğini söylüyor. ama bence gayet havada kalan iyi ni ...more

  • Cary Giese

    “We are social beings, neither economic man, nor altruistic saints.

    “Ethical capitalism, built on our shared values, and pragmatic reasoning is the thesis of the book!”

    “Shared Identity becomes the foundation for far-sighted reciprocity.”

    “We must restore the vastly more demanding reciprocal obligations to each other that once rose from shared identities.”

    That is the book!

    His “how” requires shared obligations to each other without losing the dynamism of capitalism!

    Good idea! Quite a goal. But