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Before We Were Strangers

Something happened to her mother that night. Something no one wants to talk about. But she's determined to uncover her family's dark secrets, even if they bury her.Five-year-old Sloane McBride couldn't sleep that night. Her parents were arguing again, their harsh words heating the cool autumn air. And then there was that other sound--the ominous thump before all went quiet.I...

Title : Before We Were Strangers
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ISBN : 0778368750
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Before We Were Strangers Reviews

  • Janel

    Having read the Evelyn Talbot chronicles, I knew Novak could write a captivating series; having now read Before We Were Strangers, it’s clear Novak can write a captivating standalone novel too! I read this book over the course of a day, it was so suspenseful, there was no way I could put it down part way through!

    Let’s look firstly at the mystery in this novel – Sloane returns to her home town to find out what really happened to her mother. Sloane was only five when her mother left, she had a dif

  • Donna Hines

    When you want out of a lonely unfulfilled marriage you will do just about anything to get it even if you must be on the outside looking in....

    Absolute splendor! Thrilling! Mysterious! Dark! With suspense around every corner....

    I couldn't put this one down because it demands your attention from start to finish.

    Before We Were Strangers begins with a young daughter's recollections of family violence involving an awful fight between her parents.

    She recalls a loud noise and never seeing her mother ev

  • Pam Jenoff

    I tore into Novak's latest, which tells of Sloane, a model whose mother disappeared mysteriously when Sloane was five. Now an adult, Sloane travels back to her hometown to unravel the dark secrets of her past. Equal parts suspense and family drama -- you will love it!

  • Margaret

    This is a gripping suspense/thriller from Brenda Novak about a young woman who returns to her hometown after 10 years away to figure out what happened to her mother who disappeared when she was only five years old. She suspects her egotistical father has something to do with it. The plot has a lot of twists and turns and really kept me reading. Great characters with all the flaws and frailties to make this story so believable.

  • Lisa Aiello

    The storyline and characters just fell flat for me. It was almost 300 pages into the book before anything really came to the boiling point with the storyline, and then things moved so quickly to the ending and the wrap-up/final twist. The premise was a good one, but something made me not connect.

  • Jacqueline's Reads

    4.5 Stars

    This is my first Brenda Novak novel and honestly the cover did me in. I thought the the cover was really pretty. I was sucked by the summary and I’ve seen this author everywhere. Had it not been the cover, I probably would have passed on this one.

    I did the audio version and I 100% think the narrator made the book for me. I love listening to her voice. I tend to like to listen to higher pitched voices and I could have listened to her all day. This is my first book by Ann Marie Gideon and

  • Jessica Hinton

    The plot of this book is quite strong - a daughter returns to her home town after 10 years away, determined to face up to her buried suspicion that her father had something to do with the disappearance of her mother all those years ago. It promised the unearthing of buried skeletons, a mystery being untangled and the conflicting emotions tied up with such a 'prodigal' return.

    Unfortunately for me it failed to deliver on some of those promises. One of the main frustrations I had was with the pace

    "Their affair for one. His womanizing. What he's said about his wife. It doesn't have to mean they murdered her"

    "Or it could mean they did it together." His hand slipped between her legs as he kissed her neck(.....)

    Sloane closed her eyes as his fingers evoked little darts of pleasure.

    "She didn't seem to be suffering from too much regret," she said, struggling to keep her mind on their conversation."

    I don't know about you, but nothing is more likely to turn me on than discussing the possible murder of my mother and the possibility that my father and his lover may have had something to do with it....?!?! I mean, WHAT an opportune moment for some foreplay, huh??

    There is a special place in my heart for books that have really bad sex scenes in them - and I'm afraid this has made its way into that category. I think if a sex scene is genuine, it probably isn't supposed to make you laugh, and I'm afraid this one made me snigger:

    'He ran his fingers down between her breasts, which weren't particularly large but they were perfectly formed. "But..."

    "My friend was...sick"

    "Clyde, right? The one who died of cancer?" She nodded as he smoothed the hair out of her face."

    Two things here - what an unnecessary description of her breasts. Secondly, AGAIN, I'm not sure that talking about your friend that died of cancer is really setting the mood here...or is it just me?

    It just felt like the author was so keen to ram home the rekindling relationship between Sloane and Micah, that all thought of how people actually behave together was lost. Top this off with some of the cliched contrived plot devices (of course the first time she is reunited with her ex, Micah, Sloane just had to be wearing nothing but a towel....cue my eye roll) and it become irritating.

    Apologies if this seems a harsh review, but unfortunately things like this took away from from what could have been quite a good story of intrigue, murder, family dynamics and redemption. But the clunky writing detracted from all of that.

    Thanks to the Publisher and Netgalley for this preview copy in return for an honest review.

    Before We Were Strangers is published on 4th December 2018 by Harlequin-Mira

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  • Agnes (BeaderBubbe)

    I wish Brenda Novak would write faster than I her books keep getting better and better. This one centers around Sloane who left home after her mom went missing. She went on to NY where she became a famous model, but never forgot the little town she left behind or the sweetheart she left either. She always thought something wasnt right - moms do not just leave their children...something was wrong with this picture.

    And so with the belief that her father had something to do with her moth