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In Ancient Greece, when the philosopher Socrates was asked to sum up what all philosophical commandments could be reduced to, he replied: 'Know yourself'. Self-knowledge matters so much because it is only on the basis of an accurate sense of who we are that we can make reliable decisions particularly around love and work. This book takes us on a journey into our deepest, mo...

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Self-Knowledge Reviews

  • Nicole

    Fantastic introduction with helpful exercises for how to start knowing yourself–and your faulty mind–better. Like all books of this nature, it is likely not for everyone, but fans of School of Life's Youtube channel (of which I am one) will surely appreciate this little volume. It's one I will likely go back to every now and again to remember to ask myself certain probing questions that might help me to clarify my thoughts and actions. It's a great book for the start of the year in particular fo ...more

  • Hannah

    will revisit in down times probably. be more forgiving of self. create a space between emotion and action. look at how the way people in the past treated you appears in how you treat yourself.

  • Karolína

    Self-Knowledge, jak už název napovídá, v pár krátkých kapitolách radí, jak skrz sám sebe a své myšlenky poznat své podvědomí, vnitřní hlas, a nám neviditelné normy a pravidla, které je často skryté za našimi řečmi, touhami a frustrací. Na konci každé kapitoly je i "dotazník", díky němuž se člověk může dobrat odpovědí na otázky, které pak slouží k hlubšímu poznání.

    Ke knížce se určitě budu vracet, protože to, o čem píše je proces, ne jednorázová záležitost.

  • Arturo Hernández

    This is a brief essay in the form of a book. It's been a while since I last read about EQ and this worked like an ice bucket for me to remember some things about myself.

  • Edir Garcia

    Interesting read, must come back to this and try the exercises, some seem useful.