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Dagger's Edge

#1 bestselling author Lora Leigh is back--with a vengeance--in her latest novel of passion and intrigue, Dagger's Edge, featuring the men of Brute Force. Ivan Resnova wants nothing more than to escape his hard, brutal past. Starting over is not so easy once you've been a powerful crime boss but now, instead of being punished for his alleged crimes, Ivan fears that the one...

Title : Dagger's Edge
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ISBN : 1250110343
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Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Dagger's Edge Reviews

  • Dianne

    Well, THAT sent my Kindle into meltdown! Who says your knight in shining armor can’t be a brutal and powerful crime boss? I mean, come on, is anyone perfect?

    Lora Leigh’s DAGGER’S EDGE is an erotic love story, so leave your blush at the door and grab the fan as one crime boss’ daughter goes on the run to avoid becoming the “grand prize bride” and falls into the arms and bed of her father’s greatest enemy, the older man she secretly fell for years ago. Toss in some suspense, a mob shoot out or two

  • Lesley

    The one word that went through my mind as I read this book was...huh? I was lost reading the first book and that trend continues in the second installment of the series. This book revolves around Ivan, Amara's (heroine from book one) father and her friend twenty-six year old Journey/Crimsyn. Ok - the book should have pointed out earlier that Ivan fathered Amara at 13. I pictured a 50-60 year old hero and thought it was ridiculous when they pointed out he had no gray hair and found it creepy he'd ...more

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

    1 I just can't do it Stars

    Sorry but I'm tappin' out at 20%. I don't think I have ever DNFed a Netgalley book, but I honestly can't take anymore of this. I wanted to quit as soon as I got 3 pages into the prologue because I had no clue what was going on. I held out and read 3 more chapters. When I got to chapter 4 and I was still bored, and uninterested I knew it was time to give it up.

    The fact of the matter is this book confused and bored me to death. The whole prologue I was thinking what th

  • Erin Lewis

    4 Star Review Dagger’s Edge (Brute Force #2) by Lora Leigh

    This is Ivan Resnova and Crimsyn "Syn" Delaney story.I read the first book in this series not realising that this series is a spin off from another of Ms Leigh’s series.

    There was a great deal of chemistry between Ivan and Syn and it was scorchingly hot. Dagger’s Edge had action, suspense, danger and intrigue which kept me interested.

    I had a hard time engaging with the characters but that is more me than them although I did like how feis

  • Jennifer

    ARC received for this review

    When I was looking at this book before I requested it, I saw it was an author I liked and the hero was a Russian, so of course I requested it. When I got it, I saw it was a second book. I had to go see if I had read the first....I had and oh no, I said I didn't want to read this one. I said I try it and if I have to DNF it I will. But I loved it.

    The prologue messed me up. I'm like who are these people, but it all becomes clear. I was prepared to hate Ivan, but he was

  • Val Shameless ⚓️ Steamy Reads ⚓️

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .

    I am a lover of Lora Leigh and her various series. This just happens to be my first read in this series. Ivan was hot and sexy and could be a very cruel and brutal man. One way to see that side of him was the threatening the one person in the world he loved more than life, Syn. Syn found herself able to breath again. To live life like it should have been, but someone does not want her to step too far in to freedom and light. Syn soon finds that she was not away from the life she left behind. She ...more

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Dagger's Edge is a steamy adventure story, with likable characters, a straightforward but captivating plot, suspense, and off-the-charts hot sex scenes.

    While on the run from her family, Journey “Syn” Delaney stumbles across her teenage crush, Ivan Resnova, father of her friend, Amara. The attraction between them is too strong for either of them to ignore, and Syn revels in the night they spend together. But someone is still after her, and since she has been betrayed by everyone in her life, rath