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Lies of the Beholder

Brandon Sanderson is one of the most significant fantasists to enter the field in a good many years. His ambitious, multi-volume epics (Mistborn, The Stormlight Archive) and Hugo Award-winning The Emperor's Soul have earned both critical acclaim and a substantial popular following. In the Legion series, distinctly contemporary novellas filled with suspense, humor, and an end...

Title : Lies of the Beholder
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Lies of the Beholder Reviews

  • Bob Reiss

    In the final novella of the trilogy, Stephen Leeds confronts his past and future and questions the very nature of reality. It’s a fitting final chapter for one if the most unique characters in modern fiction. Fast paced and head trippy, Sanderson manages a finale that is both fun and emotionally satisfying. Oliver Wyman is perfectly cast, since he has many voices living in his head as well, all pulls out all the stops in this finale.

  • Mark


    This was a good, but very difficult to read ending to the Legion series.

    I was a little disappointed by the structure of the book, as it removed much of the veneer of the previous two books and dove headlong into what makes Stephen Leeds tick and what happens when those gears stop catching. This is very good, but it is a marked change in tone from the prior two works, and reading them in quick succession felt a bit abrupt. It may work better for others, but I found it a little difficult.


  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    I still love Brandon Sanderson’s LEGION series and adore Stephen Leeds and his hallucinatory aspects, but “Lies of the Beholder” ... was kind of a letdown.

    As “Lies of the Beholder” (the third and last novella in this series) begins, Stephen Leeds is giving a private interview to Jenny Zhang, a reporter who begins displaying far more insight into Stephen’s mental state and thought processes than he’s comfortable with. This uncomfortable interview is interrupted by a text from the long-missing San

  • Mavence

    “Yes, it’s all in my head. But pain is ‘all in my head’ too. Love is ‘all in my head.’ All the things that matter in life are the things you can’t measure! The things our brains make up! Being made-up doesn’t make them unimportant.”
    SANDERSON DID IT AGAIN. I never meant to get attached with the aspects nor to actually really love this novella but why dafuq am I ugly crying????????? (Hahahah who am I kidding?)

    This final novella was truly an emotional and turbulent read and to say that my hear ...more

  • Siobhan

    Lies of the Beholder is the final novella in Brandon Sanderson’s Legion series, and it was an interesting end to the story. Although this wasn’t my favourite of the three stories, it was an interesting end.

    In truth, Lies of the Beholder isn’t quite a full three-star rating. However, I enjoyed it so much it was close enough to round up. Of the three stories, this one sits in the middle of my favourites list – Skin Deep was my favourite, followed by Lies of the Beholder, with Legion being my least

  • Shima

    I feel like I should have seen that ending coming, it was so beautiful and simple, it gave me goosebumps.

    But as much as I loved the ending, I felt just a little underwhelmed by this last addition to the legion series (which is one of my absolute favourite Sanderson creations). It was still wonderful, but I have to say, I expected more from Sandra. And let's be honest, didn't the whole thing stink a little of the putting-the-woman-in-danger-so-the-man-can-grow-in-the-process-of-saving-her Hollyw

  • Ashley

    Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime. I'm rating a Brandon Sanderson book less than four stars. He's written about five million of them, so statistically this was a very likely outcome, eventually. And now it has, and we can all move on with our lives.

    I really enjoyed the first two novellas in this series. The premise is great (a genius who has schizophrenia channels his illness into the creation of imaginary people who he calls aspects, all of whom are experts in one field or another). And

  • Paul

    Not a case like the previous books but an interesting imaginative ending to the series