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From Lukov with Love

If someone were to ask Jasmine Santos to describe the last few years of her life with a single word, it would definitely be a four-letter one.After seventeen yearsand countless broken bones and broken promisesshe knows her window to compete in figure skating is coming to a close.But when the offer of a lifetime comes in from an arrogant idiot shes spent the last decade dream...

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From Lukov with Love Reviews

  • Snow

    So, on Feb 2, 2018, I HAVE SAID:

    on Feb 3, 2018, I'm kinda speechless...

    This was the fastest long slow burn romance book I have read by Mariana Zapata, and I have read them, i would know *wink*

    This was as equally or even more beautiful as the rest of her stories, but more closely this story is closer to the cult status KULTI & The Wall of Winnipeg and me have in my heart.

    And most of all, after reading it, I feel this tremendous joy and fulfillment.

    Yeah, you might even say It made me

    Love to me was honesty. Being real. Knowing someone’s best and worst. Love was a push that said someone believed in you when you didn’t.

    Love was effort and time.

    Fuckin A. ...more

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    4 Being Enough Stars

    * * * * Spoiler Free

    2018 Best Romance Semifinal Round Nominee

    I have been so fortunate to have read many of these Semifinalists. If this review helps in deciding your voting choice, then I have done my job. Happy Reading


    If you read a Mariana Zapata novel, be prepared to dig in, become invested in the people and their quirks, lives and inner dialogue. Know there will be detailed experiences which could be part of anybody's life... and it will be used to


  • Alex ♈

    1st DNF @ 53%


    2nd DNF @ 55%


    NOT because of the slow burn, and the writing was good!

    Alex just couldn't stand the H

    And then she just couldn't...

  • Jessi ♥️ H. Vojsk

    Love to me was honesty.

    Being real.

    Knowing someone’s best and worst.

    Love was a push that said someone believed in you when you didn’t.

    Love was effort and time.

    Story 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Jasmine hates quitting.

    But she’s alone now. Her partner and her coach left her some time ago.

    It’s hard training for partner skating if you don’t have a partner.

    She thinks that maybe she doesn’t have a choice. She needs to give up.

    But then her frenemy Ivan Lukov, big brother of her best friend and owner of the skate center

  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog

    5 stars!

    Review at Of Pens and Pages.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. Make way, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Kulti, From Lukov with Love is joining you in my 're-read all over and over and over again' pile. This book had Mariana Zapata's signature slow burn that I can't get enough, characters I can't help but absolutely love, and fantastic banter that made me laugh out loud, all the while set in a sport world I don't usually encounter in romance novels (If you know more figure skating/pair skating romanc

    You are who you are in life, and you either live that time trying to bend yourself to make other people happy, or... you don't."

    I have a similar outlook on life as Jasmine, and it hit me in the feels when I learned more about her. She's 100% focused on her career, and because of that, she's lost time she should have been spending with her family and everyone she loves. She seems emotionally detached, but truly she's kind-hearted.

    If you've read DA, Jas was a teenager then and honestly, to me, she seemed selfish or conceited. She's grown since then after finally realizing how much her family has sacrificed for her to reach her dreams, and she's making a conscious effort to make it up to them. But as I've said, Jasmine isn't a touchy-feely person, and she's still trying to figure out how to make it up to her family all the while trying to understand her real goal in her career and her frustrations. It's one of her biggest struggles here, and we get to see how she overcomes that. I loved watching this part of her, the growth Jasmine has to go through in From Lukov with Love.

    I loved the Santos family dynamic! Jasmine and her mom, Jas and her brothers and sisters (plus their significant others and children), it was such a treat to read about them! You can see it in her family why Jasmine is the way she is. They're not outwardly affectionate towards each other in a conventional sense, but the strong love is obvious. They tease and hurl insults at each other but will threaten bodily harm on people who they think would hurt their brood. Special mention to James who's the best! It was so funny when he and Jas bickered. The family dynamic felt authentic, even her strained relationship with her father. And as a Filipino, I have to confirm that some of the parents (luckily not mine) tend to think the same as Jasmine's father who believes that a college degree and a nine-to-five office job is better than anything else.

    While this book is full of funny antics, it has its fair share of angst, too. But other than that, there are a lot of feels! When the two decides to become friends, it's obvious how compatible they were, and then when they started caring for each other??? AHHHH. Feels! I love it when guys are affectionate and sweet and thoughtful and ahhh. I can't.

    From Lukov with Love is a standalone so people don't need to read Dear Aaron to appreciate it, but I still recommend reading DA first since it was set a few years prior to Lukov. But if you've read Dear Aaron already and loved them, you'll see a little bit more of #Ruron here!

    Fans of Kulti and enemies to lovers romance will love From Lukov with Love! It will make you laugh, tear up, and fall in love, not just with Ivan and Jasmine, but with figure and pair skating, as well.

    Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Best Friend's Brother, Sports—Pair Skating

    POV: First Person, Female POV

    Standalone: Yes

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  • Jess

    I don’t know if it’s just my personal opinion or not, but I think one of the best compliments you can give an author consists of two things. Number 1: try and leave a review if you can. The second: wanting to pick up the book the second you put it down. Needing to experience the book immediately after having just finished reading it is MAJOR. The instant I put FROM LUKOV WITH LOVE down, I wanted to read it again. And again. I think you’ve won me over AGAIN Mariana Zapata, and I already was a for ...more

  • Riley

    the romance in this book was so slow burn it literally gave me a stomach ache.

  • Jessica Gadziala

    God, yes. My soul needed this book.