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Whether or not you've had time to write your own reviews, here's a chance to review your entire 2018 reading and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like. Together, all the reviews of 2018 on Goodreads should make an interesting and varied catalogue of books to inspire other readers in 2019.For those of you who don't like to add titles ...

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2018 on Goodreads Reviews

  • Steven Godin

    I'd always planned to write my GR end of year review, as close to the end of the year as possible, but just in case I end up drinking one too many cocktails, thus hampering my ability to hit the right keys and look at the screen properly, I will get it done and dusted now, with a clear head, a strong coffee, and some Debussy soothingly playing away in the background.

    2018 then, was (technically speaking it still is) another stunningly good reading year for me, in fact it's five years ago, roughly

  • Susanne Strong

    What made this year so special? Well, buddy reads of course! (You know who you are!): Thank you for always being there, for being an amazing friend and for making me laugh daily.

    This was an amazing year for me from a reading perspective - I’ve read more than ever before, far surpassing my reading goal, which astonishes me.

    I’ve also interacted with and formed genuine friendships with many more of you and for that I am so very grateful. I am very close with a few of you and I appreciate you al

  • Marita

    Here, friends, is my report card for 2018. Instead of listing all the books I have read during 2018*, I'll simply focus on my favourites during the course of which I might mention other related books. Favourite book titles are in Bold, and other titles are in italics.

    First things first:

    THANKS so much for sharing your wonderful reviews and comments. As a result my home library has grown and grown, and most of the books that I read in 2018 rated 4 or 5 stars. Thanks particularly to those who actu

  • Annet

  • Luís C.

    Books from January: (15)

    Brodeck by Philippe Claudel

    Round the Moon by Jules Verne

    Orwell's Politics by George Orwell

    Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

    The Sandman by Lars Kepler

    The Masterpiece by Émile Zola

    To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

    Child of God by Cormac McCarthy

    Diário Inédito by Vergílio Ferreira

    The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy

    Murder in the Cathedral by T. S. Eliot

    Barroco Tropical by José Eduardo Agualusa

    Il tartufo - Il malato immaginario by Molière

    John Maynard Keynes by Re

  • Val Shameless ⚓️ Steamy Reads ⚓️

    Awwwww, 2018...or as I like to call it...That Year I Was the Shittiest of GR Friends...

    As you can tell by that^ bullshit title, this is going to be more of a quick-and-dirty-lifestyle-verbal-diarrhea monologue. So if you have no interest in that, you've been warned. Thoughtful discussion of the books I read this year? Sorry, not so much.

    This is more for those wonderful and caring people who have sent me, "Are you ok? You aren't around anymore," messages throughout the year.

    2018 was one of the

  • Kenny

    What a wonderful year in reading I've had ~~ really off the hook.

    My biggest accomplishment as a reader in 2018? I finished Ulysses! I feel this to be my greatest accomplishment as a reader to date. James Joyce is a genius, and Ulysses solidified my love and respect for Joyce. You can check out my review here: My Ulysses Review.

    My biggest, best & favorite discovery this year was Haruki Murakami. Thank you Srđan, for urging me to open this door. I love Murakami. My favorite book of his so fa

  • Miranda Reads

    Never reviewed a year before, but here goes!!

    2018 was absolutely full of books - 290 to be precise - and with those books came some amazing highs and some pretty deep lows.

    I discovered the pure awesome of Sarah J. Mass (courtesy of Angela's Booked)... and the pure headache of Gena Showalter (also courtesy of Angela's Booked).

    Actually, a huge shout out to Angela's Booked in general for getting me on this site - she's literally the best.

    I read over 90 books from authors and publishing compani