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The Best Bad Things

A brazen, brawny, sexy standout of a historical thrill ride, The Best Bad Things is full of unforgettable characters and insatiable appetites. I was riveted. Painstakingly researched and pulsing with adrenaline, Carrascos debut will leave you thirsty for more. Lyndsay Faye, author of The Gods of GothamA vivid, sexy barn burner of a historical crime novel, The Best Bad Things...

Title : The Best Bad Things
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The Best Bad Things Reviews

  • Shannon Dyer

    The premise is great, but the choppy style of the writing was offputting.

  • Scarlett Readz and Runz....Through Novel Time & Distance

    *Trigger Warning, book contains very explicit content and violence.*

    Inspired by one of the busiest seaports on the West Coast in the US, Townsend was a well-documented hot spot for smuggling in the late 1880’s. This makes it a perfect setting for a historical fiction novel with such a daring plot. Amidst the dirt of the trade, the characters are edgy, the scenes are explicit and the atmosphere reeks of dark, pungent alleys, infused with betrayal, espionage and murder.

    From the Author’s Note:


  • Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads)

    Washington Territory, 1887: Alma Rosales has been dismissed from the Pinkerton's Detective Agency for her questionable behavior and after a brief stint in California as a P.I., she's working for her former lover Delphine, the head of an opium smuggling ring.

    Disguised as a man named Jack Camp, Rosales infiltrates the local organization on the docks of Port Townsend to discover who has been stealing product from Delphine.  

    She manages to earn the trust of the crew and their boss, Nathaniel Wheeler

  • Abby

    I came for a great read and I got a major motion picture in my head! Reading The Best Bad Things is like being plunged into a queer historical action-adventure movie, with the character-driven nuance of prestige TV—and literary fiction. To say that this novel pulses with life is as close to literal as can be; Katrina Carrasco takes us inside the physicality of her fearless, calculating, inimitable protagonist Alma Rosales to a degree I’ve rarely experienced before as a reader, and all without re

  • Heidi

    This bloody, thrilling, mysterious book left me breathless and wanting more. It’s unlike anything else, a remarkable and revelatory debut tackling the intersections of gender, violence, lust, greed, and power against the historical backdrop of late 19th century Washington State in the age of mining, shipping, and opium smuggling. This novel’s protagonist resists gender categorization although many will likely attempt to put Alma Rosales and Jack Camp into neat boxes. Don’t fall for it. Stay in t ...more

  • Kasa Cotugno

    A shape shifting Pinkerton operator in Port Townsend, before Washington became a state. Well written with much mystery and enough intrigue. Hopefully there will be more from this author in a series that promises originality and style.

  • Ed Bernard

    Hm. Some things are better than the sum of their parts, like the 2016 Super Bowl Champion NE Patriots. This book is the opposite. Everything is in place for a terrific historical suspense thriller – a compelling protagonist, a richly researched time and place, a dramatic plot with a lot of competing interests, beautifully written sentences and a fine ear for dialog, many good secondary characters. And yet, at least for me, this book was a bit of a slog. Honestly, if any of the above were NOT tru ...more

  • Davada

    Rating: 4.5 stars

    This book is bursting with personality. You know when an author merely tells a story with their writing? In The Best Bad Things, Carrasco's writing is the story.

    This book is fierce, loud, and unforgettable. The characters are not cardboard cutouts. Our main character (Alma) is a sexually driven, bisexual, hispanic, kick ass, heroine that defies ALL molds set for women in historical fictions. We have Delphine, a beautifully mysterious Head of All Operations, all around boss with