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"An unapologetic and haunting tale of power, vengeance and betrayal." ...

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  • Anne Miro (Book Blogger)

    Absolutely brilliant, one of my favorite reads. Detailed review will follow.

  • Sussann

    Sure the book is good but $25 for an ebook by a unknown, self published author? You're dreaming.

  • Alexa Keller

    I've been following Captive on Wattpad and it is one of the best books I've ever read, with a gripping storyline and absolutly brilliant writing!

  • Emily Smith

    Such a beautiful, lush read. One of the very best books I've read in a long time!

  • Meredith

    This was a rich, lush, and atmospheric read. This is a book to be read late on a cold and rainy night. The prose is expressive and descriptive...I ate it up, it's like it was written just for me. There were times the writing dangled on the line between beautifully descriptive and purple prose, but I can't complain because the majority of it, like 99.5%, was so damn good. It hit all the right spots, exactly what I want to read in a book with a historical setting, vampires and romance. Unlike many

    ...she became painfully aware that with every passing moment, she was falling ever further under his spell, becoming more and more like those around her, blind to the truth. And this was what he wanted. He meant to ensnare her, entrap her in this fairy tale, he wanted her to believe that the illusion was real.

    And what if I refuse to lose myself in the illusion, what if I refuse to play this game?

    She closed her eyes, leaning into his passionate kiss, oblivious that her spectral twin was slowly dying in the arms of her lover, clinging to him as the life slowly seeped out of her.

    While reading I couldn't help but think Katherine was acting recklessly at times. To talk back to a king with such disrespect would typically result in a death sentence. This behavior is explained by the author. Katherine has lost everything: her father, title, lands and home. The only thing she has left is her pride, so if standing up for herself results in her death, then so be it. That's her attitude. While the king, the sovereign, typically wouldn't put up with such insolence he has a good reason to do so. There is a backstory to Katherine, which only he and a select few are aware he has motivation to tolerate Katherine's behavior. She's a pawn for his benefit, and it takes her awhile to realize this. This is a common trope in romance novels, but imo it's pulled off really well here.

    The reader is made aware of Vlad's plans to use Katherine, but the exact details of his plans for her remain a mystery. We're fed breadcrumbs like this:

    ...far beneath those murky layers of fear and pain and lust, the light in her soul still shone - small and faint, yet unfailing in its tenacity to keep the darkness at bay. He knew, that if he followed this path to the bitter end, he would break her and extinguish this light forever.

    How I imagine the castle

    Monastery Sfantul Georghe

    Several of the movie stills from the french movie, La Belle et la BĂȘte (2014), really do capture many of the scenes in this book.

    I initially criticized the book for ending early on Radish (it stopped on chapter 38 when I originally finished). I wasn't aware chapters were still going to be uploaded....and I was pretty frustrated. I saw last night that chapter 39 had been uploaded, so I'm hopeful there will be a satisfying ending to this book. I'm still deducting a star for the story being incomplete so far, and if I'm happy with the ending I'll change it to five stars. So far, at chapter 39, there are still many unanswered questions. If the author can answer some of them, give some more substance to the amazing atmosphere, mystery, and suspense she's provided, then I'll definitely up the rating to five stars. ...more

  • misty morton

    Best book I have read, I am looking forward to more of this author's updates.