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Insomnia is on the rise. More than a third of all adults report experiencing it, with the figure climbing steeply among those over sixty-five. Marina Benjamin takes on her personal experience of the condition--her struggles with it, her insomniac highs, and her dawning awareness that states of sleeplessness grant us valuable insights into the workings of our unconscious mind...

Title : Insomnia
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ISBN : 1948226057
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Number of Pages : 122 pages
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Insomnia Reviews

  • Janet

    Marina Benjamin's book is meditation on the inability to sleep, a collection of lyrical paragraphs that explore the unexpected pleasures and isolating frustration of insomnia. Though my bouts with insomnia tend to only last a couple of days (thanks, full moon), I can identify with so much of she writes.

  • Karen Mace

    This isn't a book that will help you solve your insomnia, but it does go someway in helping you understand it and know that you aren't alone as the author does a beautiful job of describing how she feels when she is suffering insomnia, and all the rational and irrational thoughts that go through your head while the rest of the world (so it seems!) is sleeping with no problems.

    It's only a short book but contains so many different thoughts, perspectives and attitudes towards the different stages o

  • Sana

    'She adds new dimensions to both our understanding of sleep (and going without it) and of night, of how we perceive darkness.'

    Behold, a book written for me

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    "When I think of insomnia's wayward rhythms what I picture is this: gaudy insomnia with its wide lapels and toothy grin is the last groover on the dance floor, still going at it after everyone has collapsed in a heap or gone home...."

    This brilliant mix of memoir, mythology, literature and science is a meditation on too many sleepless nights. Plus the cover sparkles!

    I spoke about my first experience with this book on Episode 135 of the Reading Envy Podcast

    Thanks to the publisher for sending me a

  • Marc Nash

    Beautifully and poetically written but impressionistic which ultimately draws no conclusions but provides a ton of images to set you thinking. But if you want answers or cures, this won't provide them.

  • Megan

    I’d give this 2 1/2 stars. There are some interesting points for sure. I appreciated how Benjamin tells the stories of various literary characters through the lens of insomnia. There are some very unique things she does within the book; it just didn’t grab me personally. Still, it was easy to read and enjoyable.