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The Mansion

After two years of living on cheap beer and little else in a bitterly cold tiny cabin outside an abandoned, crumbling mansion, young programmers Shawn Eagle and Billy Stafford have created something that could make them rich: a revolutionary computer they name Eagle Logic.But the hard work and escalating tension have not been kind to their once solid friendshipShawns girlfri...

Title : The Mansion
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ISBN : 150116550X
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Number of Pages : 415 pages
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The Mansion Reviews

  • Wendy-Lynn

    I was so excited when I learned I won this through a Goodreads giveaway. Don't let the synopsis or the book cover fool you. There was no "horror" or "scary" anything in this one. It was slow moving, bizarre, and 400+ pages to boot!!! Was very disappointed to say the least.

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)

    3.5 Stars

    Ezekiel Boone has an amazing ability to turn mundane every day objects or beings into something truly terrifying. Something that once read, you can never unread or un-picture again. Once you have that terrifying thought of the what if in your mind, it's so very hard to ever see them the same again.

    From spiders to houses, he can make them all not only seem horrific but truly like something you can imagine happening in our world and that might the most terrifying part of it all.

    The Mans

  • Fiona

    It was a real challenge for me to settle on a rating for this book - I'm firm on 3.5 stars, and there's reasons to go both directions with it.

    The Mansion is a change of pace from Ezekiel Boone, and if you followed a trail of giant spiders to this book, you might be disappointed. This is no campy horror movie - if, like me, your expectations were somewhere in the neighbourhood of 13 Ghosts meets The Shining, readjust; this is a much more thoughtful thing.

    At the heart of the story lie the choices

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)

    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum

    Following The Hatching trilogy, Ezekiel Boone returns with another sci-fi horror thriller, this time delving into the world of artificial intelligence by tackling an idea I’m sure most of us who utilize smart technology devices and AI assistants have entertained at some point or another. Every day my Amazon Alexa spectacularly fails at interpreting my voice commands is another day I can sleep easy knowing that humanity’s

  • Stacey Camp

    **4 Goodreads Stars**

    After reading Ezekiel Boone's The Mansion, I don't think I will ever, ever, EVER purchase an Alexa for my house! When I read about this book on a friend's Instagram feed, I immediately knew I needed a copy of it. Who wouldn't love a book that involves a love triangle, a haunted mansion, and artificial intelligence? If that sounds like a lot of themes to tackle in one book, yes, you are probably right. However, somehow Boone makes it work for the most part. 

    The book's central

  • OutlawPoet

    Truth – I’m disappointed.

    I loved the author’s Hatching series. And while I recognize that, by its very nature, The Mansion can’t be a bitey bitey chomp fest, I still expected something…epic.

    Instead, I got flashbacks. Lots of ‘em. The kind where eventually you start skimming through them to get to the current story.

    I got a love triangle. The love triangle of all love triangles. Not only does it fill the plot, it becomes the plot!

    I got some weird twins. I liked them, but thought they belonged in a

  • Kimberly

    This just didn't hold up to my expectations after reading his other books... Too much redundant information, not enough "substance" to keep the suspense flowing.

  • Bandit

    This was meant to be a sort of end of October special. The combined powers of Boone’s creepy crawlies trilogy and title and genre selections for this promised a typical haunted mansion fare, which should have been quite fun. But look closer…see how the cover image is sort of digitally distorted. Well, that pretty much sums up the book for you, that digital distortion. And for those of us who prefer our scares analog, this might not do the trick after all. Also it does the book no favors going in ...more