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Twin brothers Ty and Cory Bic are on the run. When they encounter a dying deer in the middle of a remote mountain road with fresh tire tracks swerving down into a ravine, they know they have to help. But when they reach the wrecked car the vehicle appears empty, with signs that the driver escaped.Until they hear a sound coming from the trunk.Ty and Cory are escaping demons o...

Title : Deadfall
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ISBN : 1368014267
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Deadfall Reviews

  • Elisquared

    I'm not typically a big mystery/thriller fan; I prefer my books a little bit more fantastical. But there sometimes comes a book that peaks my interest, and I pick it up. Deadfall by Stephen Wallenfels was one such book, and is going on my small thriller shelf after reading this tense survivalist rollercoaster.

    At the heart of this story you find two brothers trying to survive and overcome obstacle after obstacle, who grew up within very abusive household, and now are on the cusp of possibly follo

  • PWRL


  • Alexander Highfield

    Deadfall began with real promise, its structure – alternating between the increasingly recent past and the present in the style of a film noir – plus some choice ‘reveals’ along the way meant I was keen to keep reading and find out how the increasingly complicated plot would tie up in the end. However, it proved far too long with too many confusing passages which served to undermine its own ending.

    The plot revolves around twin brothers Corey and Ty Bic and their life with their abusive father B

  • Gina Adams

    This story was a good survival story and a good story about trauma in children and overcoming bad circumstances. Mind you, it’s a very dramatized story about that, but nonetheless it worked. The actual thriller aspect was a lot less heavy than the synopsis suggested. However, the writing style of flashbacks was great storytelling and the characters, especially Cory, were pretty well-rounded. I really enjoyed this one, even more than the last Stephen Wallenfels I read, and look forward to more fr ...more

  • Cheryl

    Hard-hitting thriller


    Emotional, physical and sexual abuse, implied rape, sex trafficking, violence.

    This was a dark, difficult book for me to read. Don't get me wrong - it's an excellent book. But know that just because this book has two teen brother protagonists, that doesn't make it a teen book.

    It bounced back and forth between the past and present events in Ty and Cory Bic's lives, which I thought was handled very well by the author. And the momentum and suspense kept buildin

  • Jackie

    A trapped in the wilderness thriller that seems to be Wallenfells go to has just enough intrigue to keep you guessing as the past and present meet resulting a bloody conclusion.

    “Deadfall” goes back and forth in time telling the story of twin brothers Ty and Cory trying to make a life with an absent mother and deadbeat dad whose get rich quick plans go from bad to worse. I’m the present, the brothers are in the woods in a stolen car when they come upon a crash with something darker lurking withi

  • Maureen

    I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this slow burn, psychological thriller. I found myself heavily invested in the characters, hoping against hope for the Bik brothers. Cory stole my heart. My other favorite character was Benny. He was unpredictable, terrifying and spot on. The scene with Benny and the brothers on the bridge is horrifyingly realistic. The tension never flags and the pace picks up when they discover the girl in the trunk, but without the prior character development, I wouldn't h ...more