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Southern Discomfort: A Memoir

For readers of beloved memoirs like Educated and The Glass Castle, a riveting and profoundly moving memoir set in rural Mississippi during the Civil Rights era about a white girl coming of age in a repressive society and the woman who gave her the strength to forge her own paththe black nanny who cared for her. Tena Clark was born in 1953 in a tiny Mississippi town close to ...

Title : Southern Discomfort: A Memoir
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Southern Discomfort: A Memoir Reviews

  • Jill

    Three and half.

  • Maggie Marshall

    Gut wrenching, beautifully written coming of age story in the south. These dysfunctional parents make the “Glass Castle” parents seem like saints.

  • Eileen Campbell

    This is a beautiful memoir of growing up in the Deep South in perhaps its most tumultuous period other than the Civil War. Tena Clark takes us into her home and life in a way that allows us to experience all the beauty and pathos that she grew up with. Highly recommended read!

  • Paul

  • Tammy

    Clark grew up in the Jim Crow South with an alcoholic, largely absent mother and a cheating, pride-driven, successful father who is as mean as a snake. Add to this volatile mix, a daughter who does not fit the mold of Southern Belle and you might imagine what ignites. She loves ferociously and is guided through her childhood by a magnanimous and loving black housekeeper who provides stability for the frequently abandoned child. Clark tries, she really does, to be the person her family wishes her ...more

  • Mainlinebooker

    Take one rural Mississippi town. Mix with a bigoted, wealthy, gun-toting, skirt-chasing, controlling father. Add in a stubborn, alcoholic, drug addicted mother. Blend with a warm effusive black housekeeper who is like a "second mamma". Fold in a gay lonely child with her three older beauty pageant sisters and you get Southern Discomfort. This compelling and engrossing novel kept me captivated for hours. The author, a Grammy award winning songwriter and producer, has created a novel full of warts ...more

  • Paul Pessolano

    “Southern Discomfort” by Tena Clark, published by Touchstone.

    Category – Memoir Publication Date – October 02, 2018.

    Tena Clark grew up in rural Mississippi in the 1950’s. Her mother was a town beauty who married a young man who had little to show for himself, except an uncanny sense of business. Her father literally owned the town and the Clark’s were, by far, the wealthiest people in town. One would think that Tena would have lived a life of luxury and happiness; after all she was given a brand

  • Philip

    Yikes! Surviving in a generationally dysfunctional family but still have congenial relations. This is that story.