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The Turnaway Girls

Delphernia Undersea wants to sing. But everyone on Blightsend knows music belongs to the Masters and girls with singing throats are swallowed by the sea.On the strange, stormy island of Blightsend, twelve-year-old Delphernia Undersea has spent her whole life in the cloister of turnaway girls, hidden from sea and sky by a dome of stone and the laws of the island. Outside, th...

Title : The Turnaway Girls
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Number of Pages : 272 pages
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The Turnaway Girls Reviews

  • Rachel Solomon


  • Kathie

    Some books, like a fine wine, need to be savoured. This fantasy middle grade debut coming out in October is one of those books. Reading THE TURNAWAY GIRLS transports you to a place you’ve never been, full of rich language and images that feel so unlike your own world. It’s deep, dark and beautiful, and you should keep it on your radar.

  • Julissa

    This book is one of my favorite reads this month. I loved how whimsical it was, it drew me in completely. It's a rich magical tale of a courageous young girl who doesn't accept her circumstances. Delphernia, is such a brave character who pushes the boundaries of her world by questioning everything that she has been taught.

    My favorite part was how poetic the writing was, it complemented the musical aspects beautifully. I felt as if the music was flowing from the book and into me. The author has

  • Hannah Greendale

    A debut that sings! Chewins introduces both an inventive idea (girls who weave gold from music) and a lyricism rarely found in middle-grade literature (best described as literary fantasy). The advanced diction and complexity of the story make it suitable for upper middle-grade readers (ages 10 to 14), but this book that blazes with sorrow and longing will likely enchant adults, too. Highly recommend to fans of The Girl Who Drank the Moon or anyone who enjoys a brooding tale centered on a girl wi ...more

  • Sophie Cameron

    Set in a world where masters play music and girls spin it into gold, this is a brilliantly original story: lyrical and mystical and so beautifully written, with a strong protagonist and an empowering message. Hayley Chewins is a phenomenal writer, and this is definitely one to watch.

  • Rosemary

    Raised in a shelter cloister with other young women, Delphernia Undersea is a 12-year-old Turnaway Girl: girls raised to be silent, invisible; to weave male Masters' music into gold they call "shimmmer". Delphina is well aware of her place in society - Mother Nine beats it into her regularly enough - but still has a rebellious streak in her. While she can't make shimmer, she can sing; a forbidden action in this world. Girls are told that the sea waits to swallow girls with musical throats, but D ...more

  • Amelinda Bérubé

    This book's lilting, musical, magical prose will pull you right into Delphernia's world until you can practically taste the sea air and feel the stone walls closing in. A beautiful reminder to any reader that they can use their voice to change the world.

  • R.M. Romero

    A shining, feminist book as lyrical as the songs the heroine hides away inside of her.