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Promises and Primroses

Lord Elliott Mayfield aims to correct the very messy marital mistakes and spousal scandals of his brothers and sisters by requiring his nieces and nephews to choose worthy companions. If they choose wisely, they will receive their generous share of the familys inheritance. Peter, Elliotts eldest nephew, thinks the entire idea is ridiculous. A widower with two young daughters...

Title : Promises and Primroses
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ISBN : 1629724572
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Number of Pages : 336 pages
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Promises and Primroses Reviews

  • Julie Carpenter

    What's better than reading one of Josi Kilpack's books and having a sweet love story? Why, it's reading one of Josi Kilpack's books and getting TWO sweet love stories to enjoy, of course!

    I have to say that I am really looking forward to this new Mayfield Family Series. What a fun idea! And I must say that I'm pretty curious to see how many books will be written for it. After all, when you look at the family tree included in the beginning of this book there are many, many possibilities. I've been

  • Rachelle

    Every book I read by Josi Kilpack gets better. She is a fabulous writer and I love the first in this new series about the Mayfield Family. I can't wait to read more! In this first novel, we meet Lord Elliot Mayfield, uncle to several nieces and nephews with an idea for a marriage campaign. His nephew, Peter, wants none of it and is content to be a young widower with two children until he meets his new governess, Julia. I absolutely loved Julia's unconventional character in this book. She loves c ...more

  • Tiffany Olsen

    I really enjoyed reading Promises and Primroses by Josi S. Kilpack. The story revolves around four main characters and two different romantic relationships in this story: one old and one new. First we have Elliott Mayfield, the fifth Viscount Howardsford. He has a master plan to encourage (strongly) wayward nieces and nephews to clean up their lives. (I predict a series!) The first “victim” isn’t really a victim at all. Peter Mayfield, Elliott’s eldest nephew and heir, is the only one of the bun ...more

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

    If you are looking for historical romance, then check out this book because it combines all of the things I enjoy - dogs, romance, independent women (despite the times), and secrets.

    I really love Julia. She is independent, knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to do what she wants after all it is her life! Her mother is her biggest stumbling block and many times I wanted to tell Amelia that she needed to get over the past and stop harboring a grudge. Yes, things didn't go your way but don't le

  • Jacob Proffitt

    I liked this a ton despite being really frustrated with two characters. The setup is a bit unique for a Regency romance in that it tackles class boundaries head-on as Julia's gentry mother, Amelia, married a banker and her children are solidly middle-class, though decidedly on the upper edge of that distinction. Further, Julia has been a governess for five years when the story starts, cementing her in that class. What makes this remarkable is that Kilpack makes it integral without feeling either ...more

  • Jane

    Promises and Primroses is the charming first book in a new series by Josi. S. Kilpack. I enjoyed the book and how the author writes. There are believable obstacles to Happily Ever After for the two couples involved. I liked that after Elliott broke Amelia’s heart, she found a good man to love and share her life with. Peter and Julia’s relationship is proper for the times – no falling into bed before they’ve done much more than say hello (or, indeed, until they are married). When Julia accidental ...more

  • Lesr Kew

    This was such a sweet double story. I enjoyed every chapter.

  • Marissa

    I am so glad Shadow Mountain allowed me to read this book for an honest review- it might be my favorite arc of 2018 so far...

    I’ll admit I am a tough critic when it comes to romance books... I want to feel the love story but not slip into any form of insta-love or over the top flirtations...

    This book was very well paced as far as the love story build up.

    I appreciated the four different perspectives in order to get a full perspective of the history that brought these characters Into their curren