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Paper Girls, Vol. 5

Can anyone escape fate? That’s what Mac and her fellow newspaper delivery girls must discover as they escape the year 2000 and travel to the distant future. Plus, the truth behind the mysterious “old-timers” is finally revealed.Collects PAPER GIRLS #21-25 ...

Title : Paper Girls, Vol. 5
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ISBN : 1534308679
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Number of Pages : 128 pages
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Paper Girls, Vol. 5 Reviews

  • Estefania Grajales

    TRUMP! hahaha

  • Leslie

  • lit.erary.britt

    As our girls keep getting slung through time, some questions are answered, yet more are posed. I’m still pretty confused, to be honest, but this is such an enjoyable series. The art and coloring are just so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see where volume 6 takes us.

  • Alex Sarll

    After several volumes of ever-deepening enigma with the time-lost eighties kids, we finally seem to be getting something close to answers as they enter the era of the time travellers who got them into this mess in the first place. Which is not to say all of those answers are comforting, of course, though there are some meltingly lovely moments here. One of those books that's moved past even 'it'll read better in the trade', and will probably read best in the inevitable omnibus edition, but still ...more

  • Christoph

    Holy Moly, what the ... dickens.

    Also, gleich vorweg - in diesem fulminanten Finale dieser mehr als Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Story bekommt man mehr Antworten, als man sich wohl gewĂĽnscht hat. Man merke, vieles bleibt trotz alledem offen und das ist auch gut so ...

    ... das Ganze auch nur halbwegs handlungstechnisch zusammenzufassen erscheint ob der Dichte der Story ... Nein ... mir fehlen grad die Worte.

    Bin etwas unschlüssig, ob nicht 5 Sterne grad passender wären, gerade diese letzten Ausgaben w

  • Jess

    Wasn't the best continuation of the storyline. Little boring but at least I could follow! 3.5

  • Stuart

    Paper Girls (Vol 5): Story gaining momentum and richness

    This is the fifth volume of Brian K. Vaughan’s PAPER GIRLS, and the larger story is really starting to take shape. The early volumes were quite elliptical and disorienting, so it’s great to be able to understand the various storylines and the larger world-building that is revealed, and get to know and like the four main protagonists even more as they are thrown into a series of tense adventures across time.

    Finally we get to delve into the f

  • Zedsdead

    Visual spectacle, witty banter, time travelly twists, and a remarkable color scheme.

    Just when it looks like Vaughan is winding down, he shakes things up and we're off to the races again.