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Catching Christmas

This Year, Christmas Comes Just in Time As a first-year law associate, Sydney Batson knows she will be updating her resume by New Years if she loses her current court case. So when her grandmother gets inexplicably ill while shes in court, Sydney arranges for a cab to get her to the clinic.The last thing cab driver Finn Parrish wants is to be saddled with a wheelchair-bou...

Title : Catching Christmas
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ISBN : 0310351723
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Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Catching Christmas Reviews

  • Gloria

    This is a sweet story that grabs from the beginning and involves lots of emotions. The star of the story is Callie, an eighty year old grandmother with health and memory issues. Her only living relative is her granddaughter, Sidney, a first year law associate, working under pressure from the partners on a case. Sidney takes care of her grandmother, getting her fed and dressed each morning and night but has to work during the day. When her court case keeps her from taking Callie to the doctor, sh ...more

  • Kathleen

    Wow...this had to be my favorite Christmas book that I have read for 2018! Highly recommend. 5+stars.

  • Kelly Bridgewater

    With Catching Christmas, Blackstock introduces me to a tale of second chances and forgiveness. Finn, the hero is a cab driver who used to be a chef who needed forgiveness for his mother's funeral. While Sydney, the heroine, is the overworked lawyer who feels bad about not taking care of her grandmother. The story has a happy storyline and a feel good ending but not passing through some sad moments first. The romance sprinkled through the ending felt nice and not overwhelming. I enjoyed the stor ...more

  • Rebekah Morris

    The synopsis sounded interesting. However, I wasn't impressed.

    1.) It was written in first person present tense. From two different perspectives. Yeah, Finn and Sidney both had chapters "written by them" and since it was present tense, it was a little difficult to feel any connection to them.

    2.) It was sad and somewhat depressing to read. Not what I really want when I pick up a Christmas book.

    3.) The Christianity, besides being vague and not biblical, was stuck in there in an odd way. Sort of lik

  • Pamela

    Christmas fiction is typically ultra light, and so full of sentimental fluff and serendipity that I rarely award more than three stars - with an occasional bump to four for good measure. Basically, it's all really chick-lit with a double espresso shot of romance and good cheer.

    Terri Blackstock, however, has penned a true FIVE STAR gem. A gem that will surely be appealing to a wide readership across every boundary: age, gender, race, nationality, urban, rural, or as far away as the international

  • Emilee

    This is a delightful Christmas novella with a lovely message about God's goodness and love!

  • Laura

    CATCHING CHRISTMAS is a different sort of Christmas story and a different sort of book by Ms. Blackstock. Nothing suspenseful about this at all, its a very sweet Christmas story about an older woman who needs help and is very forgetful, her overworked and stressed out granddaughter and the cab driver who is stuck in the middle.

    Finn is a sweetheart, though he does have the typical male rough edges. Sydney is between a rock and a hard place and I hurt for her, though wow I can't believe the impo

  • Karen R

    A charming story with a timeless message!

    Loved "Miss Callie" and her quirky ways. Putting her concern for her granddaughter's happiness above her own needs, she has a wonderful outlook on life, with a heavenly perspective. Her legacy of faith and hope brushed over everyone she met, and was truly inspirational. I enjoyed watching Finn's transformation and his growing friendship with Callie and Sydney. I laughed and cried with them. The message of valuing time spent with loved ones over the busyn