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Out of the Maze: An A-Mazing Way to Get Unstuck

The posthumous sequel to Who Moved My Cheese?, the classic parable that became a worldwide sensation.Who Moved My Cheese? offered millions of readers relief for an evergreen problem: unanticipated and unwelcome change. Now its long-awaited sequel digs deeper, to show how readers can adapt their beliefs and achieve better results in any field.Johnson's theme is that all of o...

Title : Out of the Maze: An A-Mazing Way to Get Unstuck
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Number of Pages : 96 pages
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Out of the Maze: An A-Mazing Way to Get Unstuck Reviews

  • Kimberlee

    We bought this book as a gift for our family this past holiday. We did not get to read it together as we had hoped, but I am glad that I made time to read it independently. It tells the story of what happened to Hem after "Who Moved My Cheese?" ended. I have read "Who Moved My Cheese?" three times, and I did not find this sequel disappointing at all. It states some basic but important and often not verbalized truths through a creative lens. I love the name of the new character that is added in t ...more

  • Michael Travis

    Read this book on BF'18 while watching sales climb on our site. As I think about why I can't open my bookstore, I am asking myself "does this belief lift you up, or hold you down"? Hem posed that question to himself as he discovered that beliefs can hold you prisoner.

    I leave us all with this thought from this awesome quick read "Out of the Maze" by Spencer Johnson, M.D...." Consider the unlikely - explore the impossible."

  • Theediscerning

    Hmmm… Having never read the first book, I did at first wonder if this was only going to appeal to returning audiences. But I don't think it matters in the end – but I still don't think this is a classic. The framing device hammers morals down (and drops into religion, at the worst moment), and the actual 'story' itself is not hugely brilliant. It's a self-help book designed to show how you can change your ideas, break out of comfort zones (either of being or thinking) and discover new possibilit ...more

  • Nikhil Talwar

    Out of the Maze is the post-humous sequel to Who Moved My Cheese. Most of the book covers Haw, the Littleperson who's looking for cheese in the maze and is struggling to find it. Haw has to address where he's at, and after finding Hope, he's able to move on toward success. I think it's a great guide for those who feel trapped where they're at.

    Great book!I will absolutely apply many lessons from this book to my career and my personal life. I really like how author, Spencer Johnson conveyed so muc

  • faith

    A continuation of who moved my cheese? Every book I have read by Spencer Johnson so far has brought a purpose filled paradigm shift and this book is no exception. It basically tackles the essence of change and the consequences of resisting change. I suggest you read who moved my cheese prior to reading out of the maze.

  • Summer

    I believe this book came into my life in the right moment. I can't express how much I am inspired by the story and how much it motivates me to look for my own "Cheese" and better, "Apples". It inspires readers to think outside of the box (changing your beliefs/thinking) so that you could unlock success (reach endless possibilities & better outcomes). The quote that was written in the book, "changing what you think doesn't change who you are" , really stuck with me. I, like Hew, am still try ...more

  • Megan Thomas

    You’ve got to read this for what it is - a parable-sequel, self-help style, simple story about people living in a maze of cheese. It sounds simple truths, but ones that need reiterating often in society and specifically the business world. It’s a sequel, but doesn’t need to be read in conjunction with the first book, Who Moved My Cheese.

  • Diane Mcclure

    These short parables are powerful and this one hits the mark. I have come to recognize we must challenge our beliefs. Those we hold on to and to challenge those of others (in a respectful way). This is what we need to do as part of The Fifth Agreement. This is what we need to do as part of Actionable Science. This is what scientists and health professionals needs to learn how to do in order to deliver science to people who need it to build resilient communities and a future for humankind.