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My Butch Career: A Memoir

During her difficult childhood, Esther Newton recalls that she became an anti-girl, a girl refusenik, caught between genders, and that her child body was a strong and capable instrument stuffed into the word girl. Later, in early adulthood, as she was on her way to becoming a trailblazing figure in gay and lesbian studies, she had already chosen higher education over the str...

Title : My Butch Career: A Memoir
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ISBN : 1478001291
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Number of Pages : 288 pages
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My Butch Career: A Memoir Reviews

  • Ann

    Ten pages into this book, and Newton says:

    "Young people do not see being butch as 'transgressive,' but lesbians challenge the gender hierarchy just as much, or more, by staying women. I am opposed to pressure being put on masculine girls and women to 'go all the way' by transitioning."

    Automatic DNF. I don't need to read further to discover that she probably also has some f*cked up ideas about trans women, if she has the gall to suggest that anyone is pressured to transition, considering the tran