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Rick Mercer Final Report

Canada's pre-eminent satirical commentator brings down the curtain on his hugely successful show in this instant #1 national bestseller. Rick Mercer can always be relied on to provoke a strong reaction--but what he said one fall day in 2017 truly shocked the nation. In a rant posted on social media, the great Canadian satirist announced loud and clear that the current, 15...

Title : Rick Mercer Final Report
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ISBN : 0385692471
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Rick Mercer Final Report Reviews

  • Donna

    I loved this book!

    Not only was it highly entertaining, I learned a lot of interesting things about Canadian politics. More importantly I learned that I need to pay more attention to Canadian politics.

    I laughed out loud at the chapter about Norman Jewison. Read the book and you'll find out why.

    I don't know if I can pass this book along....I may need to keep it for reference. I have a lot of questions now and I want to to try to find some answers.

    So I've been entertained and educated.

    Thank you Ri

  • Laura

    We will miss his rants!

  • Martha

    Mostly rants from the whole run of the show, with a bit of new material, some of which is laugh-out-loud funny. It's fascinating to look back at old rants and remember that yes, Stephen Harper really was as bad as I think he was.

  • John

    I prefer this book of rants to his earlier one, though reading them without watching him on TV strutting the alley, gesticulating, and (of course) ranting just isn't the same. This is organized in chronologically reverse order, from April 3, 2018 back to January 12, 2004. As always, Mercer skewers politicians, and Trudeau gets it, mostly for his numerous flubs. Anyone, however, who is beginning to forget and go soft on the years of "The Harper Government" (his own term for The Government of Cana ...more

  • Cecilia

    This book is like a bag of chips. You can’t have just one. The writing is so engaging it was impossible to stop reading. If you are on the fence, get the book and savour every entry.

  • Navarra

    Seriously wish I'd watched every episode of the show.

  • Sharon

    So good, if you've never watched any of Rick's rants, you owe yourself this book. Entertaining, topical, and very very Canadian.

  • Joan

    I give this 4 stars because I wanted something a little more memoir-y but this is all rants. Obviously the rants are great, I just wanted more.