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Bound for Temptation

From the author of Bound for Sin comes a new historical Western romance that tests life and love on the Oregon Trail.Emma Palmer's been a lady of the night and a gambler, a thief and a blackmailer, a liar and a peddler of sin. But mostly a lady of the night. She's spent most of her life as the hard-as-nails, smart-talking 'Seline', working her way across the country to the g...

Title : Bound for Temptation
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ISBN : 0451492617
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Bound for Temptation Reviews

  • Lovey Dovey Books

    I enjoyed the first two novels of the Frontiers of the Heart series, but Bound for Temptation just didn't give me the same enjoyment. I think my biggest issue with the story is Seline/Emma. I didn't like her character before and giving her a new name and explanation of her past still doesn't make me like her. Especially because she had an attraction to Tom Slater's brothers in the previous novels. I just couldn't believe in her sincerity. I did like that the story had its trademark craziness and ...more

  • Angie Elle

    ARC from the publisher

    2.5 stars

    Bound for Temptation is the third book in Tess LeSue’s Frontiers of the Heart series, and while it is about three brothers, you could start here and not feel lost. But I would advise against that, as this installment was, in my opinion, the weakest of the series. I had my reservations about Emma, formerly known as Seline in previous installments, but she really won me over in this book. I adored her character. She had been hardened by her life experiences, but ther

  • Barb Lie

    Bound for Temptation by Tess LeSue is the 3rd book in her western historical romance Frontiers of the Heart series. We met our heroine, Emma Palmer (Seline), in the previous book, as she was a madam in her own brothel, and knew both Luke & Matt Slater (previous book heroes). When we meet Emma, she has sold her place, having saved enough money to travel to California and live a normal life. But first she has to escape one of the rich locals, who is determined to make Seline his.

    Tom Slater, t

  • Eileen

    Emma & Tom

    another great story that took us on a long journey. What could go wrong, did. They couldn't catch a break. disguised as a nun, along with her friends, she didn't act like one. Tom didn't understand why he was feeling attracted to her and felt really bad about it. the time away gave Tom the opportunity to work out his feelings for Alex, his sister-in-law. What he thought was love turned out not to be what he thought. his feelings for Emma were different and stronger. Learning who sh

  • Claire

    This book was so good, I don't think I've ever read a western romance, but I can't wait to get hold of the other two in this series. Tess has infused these characters with so much humour, love, grief, hope, despair and humility that I just loved them. There's some pretty serious topics in this book, as you would expect from these frontier times and people and she deals with them with them in a respectful and empathic way, whilst still portraying the awfulness and savagery of the times. I thought ...more

  • Debra Taylor

    This was a great western romance !

    I love his author's storytelling style and rich characters. Tom and Emma were wonderful together. Somehow they found themselves on the run together. Tom had a bounty on his head thanks to a mistaken identity and Emma was running from her past. I really loved how the author fleshed out their characters with flaws and vulnerabilities. Tom was just too sweet and Emma was a very charming and mischieveous heroine. The outrageous schemes that she came up with had me

  • Kristin

    Bound for Temptation is the third novel in the Frontiers of the Heart series. In the previous two books we watched as each of Tom's two brothers fell in love while journeying across the country. Tom wasn't a character that we saw too much of since most of the previous books were centered around the grueling travels and the various obstacles that each couple had to overcome. Tom's story is no different. In fact, I feel like his story was the one with the biggest hurdle of all.

    You see, Tom is in


  • Tammy

    I really liked this historical western read. Tom and Emma are great characters and their story is filled with drama, suspense and great chemistry. The story is entertaining and the characters have plenty of depth and are so much fun together. I was hooked from beginning to end. I really liked it.