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True Places

A girl emerges from the woods, starved, ill, and aloneand collapses.Suzanne Blakemore hurtles along the Blue Ridge Parkway, away from her overscheduled and completely normal life, and encounters the girl. As Suzanne rushes her to the hospital, she never imagines how the encounter will change hera change she both fears and desperately needs.Suzanne has the perfect house, a su...

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True Places Reviews

  • Michelegg

    Every once in awhile a book comes along that wakes me up and makes me look at my life and question my path and begs me for change. This book did that for me. As Suzanne, the mother in the story, finds a reason to look at her life more closely because of the arrival of Iris in her life, I found a reason to look at my life more closely because of the arrival of this book in my life.

    And just as Suzanne saw some reasons for change, I also found some things within myself that I could do differently,

  • Felicia


    This is gonna be so awesome. I cannot wait to read about how this child adjusts to her new surroundings. I mean, she has never even seen running water or electricity! What will she think of this new world and how will it change her? How did she even end up in the woods? What made her finally leave the only home she has ever known?

    Everything I hoped I would find in this book, based on the description, is the complete opposite of what I got.

    After the death of

  • Amy Impellizzeri

    “She had given herself away. If she wanted herself back, there had to be pieces of her, sacred and proprietary, that no one else could ever have.”

    Sonja Yoerg has done it again. She’s crafted a story with characters that draw you in with their relatability while still surprising you at every turn. When Suzanne, a busy mother of rebelling suburban teens, brings a 16 year girl into the home who has been raised in the woods, the consequences are poignant and unexpected. A story of discovering what i

  • Laura Gelinas

    “Sometimes it takes a stranger to show you what should be obvious, how far you’ve drifted from who you want to be, from what’s right for you, your true place.”

    True Places was a wonderful story, about a girl named Iris, who only knew the ways of the world through nature and living in the woods. It’s also the story of a woman named Suzanne, who has lived her own life through her husband and children’s needs, forgetting her own, and trying to live up to those expectations of her Mother’s.


  • Susanne Strong

    5 Lovely, Lyrical and Marvelous Stars!

    There are times when there are no words. When you are writing a review and you know that you just can’t do an author’s novel justice. This is one of those times.

    I was lucky enough to be offered an advanced copy of “True Places” from the author, Sonja Yoerg and of course, I jumped at the chance after having read her prior novel “All the Best People” last year as that book and those characters have stayed with me. The same can be said for “True Places.” Ther

  • Judy Collins

    Check out my fascinating Q&A Elevator Ride Interview with Author, Sonja Yoerg. An exclusive “behind the scenes” look behind TRUE PLACES and some fun facts about the author and her latest book. Plus learn what is coming next!

    Sonja Yoerg returns following All The Best People (2017) with her best yet! TRUE PLACES is moving, emotionally charged and beautifully written story with lyrical prose and tons of heart and soul—discovering our true place in life.

    For every woman who feels overwhelmed

    “Giving too little, giving too much. Subtracting from here, adding there. Caring for your marriage, your children, your parents, your reputation, your future, and if you could manage it, your younger, more idealistic self. This complex calculus was based on theories of love and motherhood, and equations of duty and self-worth. . . She wanted a balanced life but had only guesses, wishes, and fears when what she needed was answers.”

    There is a mystery surrounding Iris. What happened to her family? Her dad (disappearance), mother (recently deceased), and little brother Ash (appears to be a mystery). A police investigation. A social worker. Suzanne begins to do more digging on her own.

    In the meantime, there is a war going on in their household with the tension of Iris joining their household. Iris and Suzanne seem to have developed a strong bond. Suzanne is drawn to her and her simple way of life. However, people do not want you to lead a simple life. They think this way is strange. Iris is drawn back to woods.

    Suzanne must continue to defend herself and Iris. Can Iris survive in this new environment? Can Suzanne continue to survive, living as she has been or is there something new on the horizon which will change all their lives? Being true to one’s self.

    I loved TRUE PLACES!

    Yoerg is in her element from the setting (her own backyard) to the complex family dynamics. Thought-provoking, filled with lush scenery, beautiful botanical imagery, themes, strong metaphors, life lessons, and many takeaways. The relation between nature, animals, and humans. Each can be beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

    Character-driven, the author does an outstanding job with the teen language and each character’s distinct voice. Many readers will relate and adore the ending. I enjoyed the relationship with plants, healing, and modern medicine. I survive on an organic plant-based diet and use herbal teas and plants for healing, taking no prescription drugs.

    On a side note: There is a project in NC, I consulted with several years ago which strongly reminds me of this story. It offers the setting of a simple life. The property managers told me of the history of the project which is fascinating. Located in the mountains of NC (Flat Rock) —with a combination of vacation rentals, condos, old mill, B&B, and small village little town; old farmhouses, tree swings, porches, lake, mill surrounded by farm animals, and organic gardens, with fresh eggs delivered to your door. It allows your children or grandchildren to get the feel of farm simple living. I was there one week and it snowed. It was like a Hallmark movie scene!

    TRUE PLACES is a mix of Delia Owens Where the Crawdads Sing, Kristin Hannah The Great Alone, works of Jodi Picoult, and Rochelle B. Weinstein’s Somebody’s Daughter combined with Sonja Yoerg’ s own winning signature style.

    With the author’s own background to draw from plus her love of nature and gardening, her passion is reflected throughout each page. You will find yourself bookmarking many pages and beautiful phrases.

    TRUE PLACES reminds me of a time I was visiting in NC, dealing with my elderly parents— I took off one afternoon and drove to Virginia and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Even though I did not meet a young lady, it clears your mind and fills you with peace, and a renewed spirit. I also have fond memories as a child and roadside picnics along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Highly Recommend!

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    A special thank you to the author, Lake Union, and #NetGalley for an advanced reading copy. (The hardcover is stunning and a "must" for your home library collection)

    Read My Reviews (each has been 5 Stars).


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  • Christie Sitterly

    Author, Sonja Yoerg, has such a way with words that the reader falls in love with her characters and settings. This book touched my heart, with its intense family drama, and the story of a lost little girl who knows nothing about the world, having lived off the grid, in the woods, all of her life. I could feel her turmoil and sadness, and the angst of the woman who finds her and is determined to hold onto her. I loved this book!

  • Jen

    I was originally planning on reading this on a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway, but unfortunately that trip never panned out. True Places would have been the perfect book to bring along on my travels. Set in the mountains and rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we find a devoted mother at her wits end, and a young girl found on the edges of the wild. Incredibly malnourished, sick, and frail for her 16 years, Iris is found by Suzanne, a mom who presumably has everything, but is lacking some ...more