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American Hate: Survivors Speak Out

A moving and timely collection of testimonials from people impacted by hate speech and hate crimes before and after the 2016 presidential electionIn American Hate: Survivors Speak Out, Arjun Singh Sethi, a community activist and civil rights lawyer, chronicles the stories of individuals affected by hate. In a series of powerful, unfiltered testimonials, survivors tell their ...

Title : American Hate: Survivors Speak Out
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ISBN : 1620973715
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Number of Pages : 192 pages
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American Hate: Survivors Speak Out Reviews

  • Jeff

    Highly political, this book records the horrendous accounts of hate experienced by people from many different backgrounds. There are many references to the escalation of fear and hate in 'Trump's America'. Our system is failing. These stories needed to be told and HEARD. Hate in America is one of the biggest sins against humanity. American Hate personalizes the stories we hear almost daily in the news and makes them human-- unforgettable.

    I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an ho

  • Hasso von Moltke

    This is a good, short work that offers the important narratives of several people that have been adversely affected by the 2016 election. This diverse group is united by a common theme of hate, whether it entails the assault of a minor, the burning of a house of worship, murder, or just good old fashioned racist rhetoric and symbols. They have experienced some of the worst that the US has to offer.

    Yet, they are not cowed into silence and united is not simply a word. Every chapter entails an empa

  • Vnunez-Ms_luv2read

    This book should be a must read for all. Very honest even though the subject matter was about hate and how people have encountered it. This is a book also about resilience. I admire and commend all the authors who told their stories in this book. And, I commend the author for bringing it all together. As I read these stories, all I could think about was this is happening in this day and time. Most of the stories give their thoughts on why this is happening, and this may be true, but it needs to ...more

  • Luis Mota

    Must read!

  • Katie

    Hate seeks to silence so it is all the more important to hear these voices of survivors of hate crimes in the USA. History is being written now and we need to face these stories head on and try to make a bridge of understanding between people. As diverse as the authors of these stories are, they all have the common experience of dealing with the increased hatred and bigotry of Americans. We, as readers, have the power to hear them and stand up to say that this is not this is not acceptable and t ...more