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The Hive Queen

The second installment of the newest Wings of Fire series arc brings readers the much-anticipated meeting of Pyrrhia and Pantala! ...

Title : The Hive Queen
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ISBN : 1338214489
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Number of Pages : 320 pages
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The Hive Queen Reviews

  • Icer

    Like many of these sorts of series, it's probably best to stop after the first arc. For people who read the second arc and the mess the author made of the ending, this third arc seems pretty good so far as a way of forgetting some of the bad taste of 'Darkness of Dragons'. However, a new continent and cast apparently isn't going to mean she lets us ignore the existence of that book, indeed it is briefly summarised in this one, but to 'fix' some of the potentially unlimited in-world powers that s ...more

  • Lucas Bowen

    The Book The Hive Queen by Tui T. Sutherland is a fun and exciting read that definitely furthers the story of the world of Pantala.

    The Hive Queen is the continuation of the Journey of Cricket and Blue but from Cricket's perspective Showing us Sutherland's idea continued.

    The Hive Queen is like all of the Wings Of Fire books excepting the idea about the new types of dragons. It Follows the same sort of thinking as the previous two mini-series of Wings Of Fire. Even still as shown by some of the

  • Erin

    Everyone in our family reads these books and we all thoroughly enjoy them! Great characters, thought provoking moments, fast paced storyline, and dragons. What could be better?! This book ended with quite the cliff hanger. Can’t wait to see what come next!

  • A.D.

    I heard this on audio during my holidays in India and loved it. Excellent book. Highly recommended.

  • Becca T.

    Oh my freaking gosh where to start with this book! I just can't get over all of the representation Tui T. Sutherland is adding in her books in this new arc. It really is a step up from mentioning a gay couple once in the previous arc. She has characters that are LGBT, suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and something that seems like bipolar disorder, as well as disabled characters, and interspecial (like interracial) couples. She also covered topics such as emotionally abus ...more

  • Ella Caitlyn Mao

    I loved this book! I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite in the whole series. Thank Tui T. Sutherland!

    I was afraid of this series getting long and boring, but the author really pulled it off and I’m super excited for the next book! So many more QUESTIONS and IDEAS and I love Wings of Fire! :)


  • MinikittyVM

    Really good...

    Cliffhanger, though:(

  • Catherine ~Whatever you are, be a good one~

    Part 1: Fangirling

    Mrs. Sutherland! You are incredible. First off, you wrote 10 books with an amazing, detailed world. That's not easy. Then, oh, why not make another amazing, detailed world too? A brand-new one, with new types of dragons and everything? And new characters? And publish a book every three months! This woman is awesome.

    Part 2: More Serious

    As I mentioned above, she made a brand-new world for this next part of the Wings of Fire series. (It was first seen in book 11). It's as amazing