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Siren Misfit

A siren who's terrified of the ocean...with a destiny that involves a hunky shirtless dude. Ever meet a mermaid terrified of the ocean? The closest I get to saltwater is in my bath. As for singing? My siren heritage left me with a killer voice. Literally. Some people can charm animals out of trees. Me? They jump to their deaths rather than listen to another note. I know Im d...

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Siren Misfit Reviews

  • Anna Aurora

    Read the first book before reading this one.Half of the book I felt lost what's going on because it referenced the first book heavily. Overall it was okay.

    2,9/5 stars

  • Jessica

    Sometimes I feel like every time I pick up a new Langlais book I think “ooh, this one is my favorite now!” That’s at least true for The Misfits. I picked up Hybrid Misfit before I dug into this one, and both were fantastic. Langlais explores the idea of experimentation and identity, and Siren Misfit dives even deeper to look at family and belonging. Lana, the half-siren, half-mermaid, doesn’t know how someone like her can exist. Sirens live on land, mermaids in the water. But she’s not about to ...more

  • Vicci

    Fun Read

    Great book! I love the characters. Lots of LOl moments! Full of sexy sexy moments hell yes. Great fun read!

  • Diane Selander- maglioli

    Siren Misfit

    A great, fun and crazy story of a misfit mermaid/siren, named Lana, who finds a sexy son of a God, named Jory, during a battle in Limbo. On the way to meet other sirens who live on an island, all hell breaks loose and these two must fight for their survival. Love it !!💘

  • Fly Girl Wickedcoolflight blogger

    To read the whole review:

    This was a quick listen, I think less than 4 hours on regular speed. This one starts out with a kidnapping and rescue that goes awry, sort of. She meets Jory during this rescue. At this point we also get the back story from the Hybrid Misfit so you can read this one as a stand alone. Turns out her best friend is a queen, kind of. Anyway it’s a little confusing what with them splicing mermaid and siren genes; bunny and werewolf; an

  • Maddy

    3.5 stars

    Some serious deja-vu feeling... The siren episode was a lot like the siren episode of "Hell's kitty".