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Pepped Up & Wilder

Pepper: The best part of a happy ending... finding out it's actually just the beginning. Having someone promise to be by your side, to chase dreams with, whisper troubles to, it's more than I could have imagined. But after three seasons of Jace playing pro ball in Ohio, three long seasons, with him on the road, and me training all over the world, Im questioning if we can rea...

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Pepped Up & Wilder Reviews

  • Jennifer

    I felt compelled to finish this series even when I thought I’d already finished it. I read the rest of the series a couple of years ago when I was already reaching my tolerance of YA/NA ridiculousness so I was glad this featured slightly older characters. They’re 24ish and come across some basic and common real life adult issues. This was an ok story. I’m glad there was absolutely no OP drama, but I was a little bored. Jace, the H, turned out to be a really stand up guy and that made me happy fo ...more

  • catherine lawrence

    Ali Dean did it again. This book was amazing. I'm not putting any spoilers out there but it was the best out of all of them. The perfect way to end it even though I hope it's not over. I love Pepper and Jace and this book just made me love them more. Ali Dean is amazing and everyone should read it. It's Pepper and Jace just being, well, Pepper and Jace.

  • Ophelia

    When I first heard of there being a sixth book in this series I was hesitant to read it because for me the fifth book seemed like a lovely, sweet ending and I was worried that this would drag on the story unnecessarily. However, quickly into reading this book I found out that I could not be any more wrong and I urge those with the same thoughts to just give this book a go as they won't regret it.

    Jace and Pepper are now in their 20's and have been married for 3 years however, with their differen

  • Haley Anderson

    Omg! I loved this book! It was definitely worth the wait! I just can’t believe it’s the last one. I’ve been with Ali since the very beginning. She is one of my go to authors. Her books never disappoint!

    With this book being the end of the series. I will say that I really enjoyed how both characters matured and evolved throughout this book and throughout the entire series. They definitely have they’re ups and downs that come with any relationship. But they overcome every obstacle and still manage

  • Angie

    Fantastic End To The Series

    Ever since finishing Pepped Up Forever, I have been wanting more Pepper Jones. So, you can only imagine my excitement when Ali made the announcement earlier this year.

    There’s no doubt that Pepped Up & Wilder had big shoes to fill, especially given that it is the final book in the series, and boy did it deliver. Having grown with the series, it was refreshing to see the maturity of the characters, which is something that I have been loving about Ali’s most recent bo

  • Danielle K

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this new addition to the Pepper Jones series, but I definitely knew that I was excited for it. I always felt like there was just a little bit more of Pepper's story to be told and this book fit every expectation I didn't know I had.

    Perhaps the standout of this book is how solid Pepper and Jace have become as a couple. Marriage certainly agrees with them, even if their work schedules keep them from spending as much time together as they would like. Each faces th

  • The Mysterious Reader

    I’ve been religiously reading Ali Dean’s Pepper Jones series since the first book that I stumbled on by accident. That story of a young high school girl with extraordinary talent for running was quite simply superb both in its portrayal of all the confusing thoughts that high schoolers have about themselves and their relationships and in how it really got into the mind and daily life of a dedicated runner. It was a great pleasure following Pepper, and her lifelong friend, eventually boyfriend an ...more

  • Jennifer Pierson

    This is book 6 in the Pepper Jones series, so obviously you really need to read books 1-5 first, and in order, because this is the journey of Pepper & Jace, and luckily, Ali Dean put all 5 previous titles in one easy box set, so no excuses! Now, Pepper & Jace have slayed all their dragons, or so they thought, and are married. He's playing pro-football, while she's finally running professionally, trying to reach the Olympics while training all over the world. They aren't together all the ...more