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What If?

Josh Baker isnt sure why his brain tells him to do things that other people dont need to do: checking his locker again and again, counting cracks in ceilings, and always needing to finish a song, for starters. He is a talented drummer, a math genius, and he knows everything about rock and roll. Yet, he knows his problems have the power to hurt his family and make him fail at...

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What If? Reviews

  • Tahlia

    Blog Post:


    *I was provided with an ARC of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion. All quotes used may be subject to change upon publication.

    This is my second YA Verse from West 44 Books, and again I was blown away. I loved this story so much, it was so touching and I really felt for Josh. Yes, this is a 200 page book and it’s written in verse, and so it’s easy to think that it might

  • Ruthsic

    A beautifully written poetry book, What If? is about a boy who is diagnosed with OCD and starting to find a method that makes it manageable. First, while I am generally not a fan of verse (I keep saying this, don't I, but I genuinely didn't know this was verse when I requested it) but it worked especially well for Josh's first person POV, as it gave us a view into the structure of his thoughts, the compulsions intertwined with regular thoughts and conversations, and also how music played such an ...more

  • Caterina Gagliardi

    *4,75 stars*

    *ARC kindly provided by West 44 Books in exchange for an honest review*

    What if? by Anna Russell is a poetry book about a kid, Joshua, affected by OCD.

    He’s a teenager who’s just moved to a new school where he’s supposed to make new friends and start a new life.

    But that isn’t exactly easy to him. Whenever Josh has to face a new situation his mind gets stuck. So he counts and repeats actions.

    Nobody, not even his family, understands why he’s struggling so much to get good grades and adap

  • Cinderfella

    authentic portrayal of OCD but the story felt meh

  • Damien

    I found this novel to be fascinating. I thought it was well-written in verse. I found this format to be in tune with what Josh was going through. He has OCD and anxiety. The challenges he faces with this disability are profound. He was able to make a friend in the novel that helped him to open up, but that was challenging as well. His fear of others finding out why he was acting strangely caused him to push those close to him away. He was able to find solace in the music of the Beatles, and even ...more

  • Sinamile

    Raiting:4 1/2 🌟

    ARC Review: Received for free via Netgalley for an honest review

    CW: ableist slurs

    I guess it's official: I love West 44 books!

    First I had Some Girls Bind by Rory James which was kind of really important to me because of its premise and my attachment to it. And now I have What If.

    I don't have OCD so I don't quite understand what it's like. Sometimes I have impulses to count thing or check and recheck things, but those moment are few and far.

    For sixteen year old Josh though, it's a t

  • Kimberly (kimberly_reads)

    Thank you to NetGalley and West 44 Books for allowing me to read What If? in exchange for an honest review.

    4.5/5 stars

    A full review for What If? can be found on my blog here:

    I really enjoyed the format this book was in (being in verse) because (at least for my reading experience) it made reading about Josh’s experiences with OCD that much more impactful. I found this to be very well written in showing what it’s like in the starting stages of beginning to

  • MC Hall

    I received a copy through Netgalley for a review.

    Josh is a 16 yr old who has a passion for playing the drums but is secretly struggling with OCD.

    As someone who suffers with OCD, i thought the way it was explained and demonstrated was very acurate. The constant need to quiet that voice telling you if you dont do this certain thing a particular way that something bad will happen. All the while, knowing it is complete crap but not having the ability to stop.

    I am giving this a 3 star though. It w