Read Any Ordinary Day: What Happens After the Worst Day of Your Life? by Leigh Sales Online

Any Ordinary Day: What Happens After the Worst Day of Your Life?

As a journalist, Leigh Sales often encounters people experiencing the worst moments of their lives in the full glare of the media. But one particular string of bad news stories - and a terrifying brush with her own mortality - sent her looking for answers about how vulnerable each of us is to a life-changing event. What are our chances of actually experiencing one? What do w...

Title : Any Ordinary Day: What Happens After the Worst Day of Your Life?
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Any Ordinary Day: What Happens After the Worst Day of Your Life? Reviews

  • Kathy Fogarty

    This book was a timely read for me. I'm a clinical psychologist and one of my dear clients who I'd already been seeing for several months suffered a sudden, and unbearably tragic loss. This book affirmed something I sensed amidst my own feelings of horror and helplessness, which was that although she had come to me as a psychologist, in the immediate aftermath she needed my humanity above and beyond my psychological knowledge. The message about accompanying people in grief spoke to me, and I was ...more

  • Anthea

  • Anna Baillie-Karas

    An excellent book. Leigh Sales explores how we recover from sudden traumatic events, with compassion, curiosity and the skills of a seasoned journalist. Fascinating interviews with a range of people including a coroner, priest, homicide detective - as well as famous survivors and John Howard, re the Port Arthur massacre & aftermath.

    Beautifully written and I loved her warmth and honesty throughout - it’s like being in her company as we learn how to navigate life’s ‘blindsides’ or how to help

  • Zohal

    It started off good but then it just veered into unexpected territory.

  • Caren

    I have long admired Leigh Sales as an investigative journalist. What I most appreciated in her book was her willingness to reveal not only her strengths, but particularly her fears, insecurities and most human responses to the traumas she was personally encountering and those of the people she interviewed.

    The research undertaken allowed her to discuss psychological responses in dealing with the acknowledgement and aftermath of horrific losses due to the murder of loved ones, incidents of terror

  • Nancy

    Finished: 04.10.2018

    Genre: non-fiction

    Rating: A++++++



    If you have a pulse...and I know you do

    this book will grab you and not let go.

    Absolutely inspiring!

    Sometimes I have to let a book sink in for a few days....and this was one of them.

    Last year I commented on my post 23 Nov 2017 about losing somebody dear to us.

    We don't realize we were making memoires back then when times were better...festive family get-to-gethers

    …we were just having fun. When some leaves you life there's no o

  • Carolyn Miles

    After hearing so many good things about this book I feel a bit underwhelmed. I feel I’ve been very sheltered from traumatic life events and so maybe even contemplating them feels like tempting fate. But I don’t believe in fate, destiny, religious or superstitious notions. I think random events occur all the time and it’s a mixture of luck and precaution that I’ve avoided tragedy thus far. The asking why part of the book seemed pointless to me.

    The interviews of various high profile “survivors” w

  • Annaleise

    Bearing in mind I don't love non-fiction generally, this was a really good read. I have always liked Leigh Sales as a journalist and public figure, and she delivered a really insightful look into what happens in the aftermath of tragedy for the people closely involved. It was hard to listen to in places (Stuart Diver's story shocked me more than most others), but ultimately provided some sage words on life and how very temporary it is.