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The bully isn't supposed to win. Senior year was off to a rough start: lube in my locker, panties on my front porch, unimaginative name-calling. See, I got a player suspended from the football team for harassing me, and in my small Texas town, you dont mess with the football playerseven if they mess with you first. I didnt care if it was an unpopular thing to do; I stood ...

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Untouchable Reviews

  • Mellea

    I can't give this book a rating because I didn't make past 34%. I'm not one to jump on the safety train, because I don't offend easily and the rapey stuff doesn't usually bother me. This is fiction, not real life. If well written, it can lead to some great angsty, heart-wrenching, groveling romance. But what I made it through of this book left a bad taste. Maybe it gets better and I didn't give it enough of a chance, but the first 34% was very slow, not a lot happened, and I was bored.

  • Grey

    Hmm. I am conflicted. Ms. Mariano doesn't pull any punches, I can tell you that. She promised a bully book...and we certainly got that. For me, there were a lot of different lines crossed. Originally after the opening scenes I wasn't sure where we were going and honestly, I was *all in.* But then it started to get a bit long...almost too repetitive with no advancement of the plot. And a few other plot holes that just kind of opened up and didn't go anywhere.

    Ms. Mariano is quite a skilled writer,

  • Deniz

    I was drawn in the minute I started the book and found it difficult to put down.I must admit reading the beginning of this book was difficult. It does have triggers, so if it’s not your thing then this book isn’t for you.

    You may hate hero in the beginning but you will grow to love him.

    This is a different love story. I have read a few dark romances before but i have to say this will be on my top list.

    It was raw and brokenly beautiful story .

    I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it!!!!

  • Ellie Nolan

  • Fre06 Begum

    Need to think about this book, can’t decide if I liked it or not.


    Well since this is the fourth time I borrowed again from KU it means I must like it so I think my rating fits my feelings.

  • Vivian

    "Does it turn you on to think of me as helpless?"

    "For me." he specifies. "Not helpless in general, only for me."

    I have a feeling I am going to sound like I'm talking out of my ass with this review because I have SO MANY thoughts to type out that I can barely keep things straight, but here goes nothing...

    "I love his twisted ways. Carter may be difficult to maneuver sometimes, but he fascinates me." (You and me both, Zoey. You and me both)

    I just finished this book today...after being CONSUMED by

  • Snow

    Fuck it, this will probably be the 'unpopular' review and that's absolutely fine...

    Cause these are also my personal thoughts intertwined with the impressions after reading this book...the book I, unfortunately, DIDN'T like!

    Inspite Sam Mariano's writing and inspite her given warning about this book and its content...

    It just reminded me of one similar book in recent past that irked my protective senses to full blast and I still firmly stand with my primar expressivness.

    The said warning stated that

    You want to know something, Ellis? I’ve got bad news for you, so listen up. Sometimes people do bad shit to you, and they don’t get punished; they get away with it. Hell, sometimes they get rewarded for it. If all this shit with Jake didn’t show you that, if all this shit with me hasn’t shown you that, maybe you’re not as smart as you think you are.

    Yeah, the words prick says to the heroine...actually do reflect the everyday life's someone's existence

    but I somehow believe that fiction, dark fiction too, should at least give me a resemblance of an escapism to smth thrilling, forbidden, exciting but on a higher level than the immature bullying bordering with criminal offenses ( if not for the fictional part) with even lower characterisation and superficial trial of developing a romance.

    Sorry. This just didn't work for me, and honestly I actually ecpected more. On every level.

    But again, these are my thoughts alone and do not represent the general opinion so even if this didn't work for me, cause it's simply a thin line bonding the sphere of depravation and the touch of reality.

    And it's hard to obtain that line when you want to make a can go both ways, it's either a success or a bust, and only details set them apart.

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾

    1 STAR

    Some spoilers to follow...

    It’s terrifying, his disregard for right and wrong. The pleasure he gets out of making me powerless.

    I have sat on the rating for this book for a solid week, totally and completely conflicted. On the one hand, the writing is solid and the story interesting enough to have me continuing after the HOLY SHIT DID I JUST READ WHAT I THINK I DID in the first 5%. Yes, the warning does a good job of preparing the reader and making them understand that this is not a typ ...more