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Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later

One and done. It was supposed to be one night. I knew his type. You don't fall in love with a man like Reese Summer, but I did. He swept me off my feet, seduced me, refused to take no for an answer. We became a power couple. The syndicated crime reporter. One of the country's top criminal attorneys. The fantasy became happily ever after until the next big trial of the centur...

Title : Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later
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Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later Reviews

  • ✰  BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰

    ARC received for an honest review

    Welcome back to Lisa's world of corporate high flyers, dirty deals and even dirtier men!

    I have to say, Reese and Cat are my favourite couple in the dirty series.

    We are again on a big legal case, Reese doesn't like to lose, and Cat is writing her column.

    I loved seeing our lovelies 2 years down the track, and fell more for Reese than I did before.

    However, Miss Jones, give our guys a break! More drama, more people trying to ruin their relationship - I just want them

  • Sandy S

    4.5 stars.

    ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 5, 2018

    CONTINUING CAT AND REESE'S STORY (read the beginning of their story in Dirty Rich One Night Stand)

    Get ready for Cat and Reese’s story to continue in this novel that will test Cat and Reese’s relationship. Reese is preparing and trying the second hardest trial of his career when the past comes back to haunt him and Cat, just as their lives are getting ready to change irrevocably.



  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms

    *I received a free ARC of Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased.*

    4.5 stars

    I loved getting back together with Cat and Reese again. It was like hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a while, and it was good to see that they were still going strong. Still being 'them'.

    The romance and hotness were as scorching as ever, as were their strong personalities. I loved that Cat had opened up enough to have several go

  • Ilana

    I love Reese and Cat, the way that their relationship started carries through to where they are now.  It's clear that they have a strong relationship that was based on attraction first but intense mutual respect as a secondary.  There's no question that they are a match well made and the challenges that they face in their second book together reminds us that it's never easy even when you feel like you are solid. 

    In addition to the case that Reese is working, and we know that he never defends som

  • Carvanz

    I loved getting this deeper look into Reese and Cat’s life after two years of marriage. As with all of the books in this series, this is more than just a romance. There is lots of drama for this couple but not necessarily from within.

    Just as Reese is beginning a new trial that promises lots of trouble, Cat has some unexpected news to share and finds the timing all wrong. Add in the arrival of someone from Reese’s past and suddenly they are swamped with trouble from every angle.

    Reese is still ju

  • Kelly

    Great characters with lots of stream plus humor, angst and suspense

    Note that this is a sequel (and a full story in its own right, not simply a novella) to Dirty One Night Stand, so make sure you read that first. If you’re a fan of the Dirty Rich series, another note of interest is that this book takes place partly in parallel with Reid’s book, Dirty Rich Obssession and after Dirty Rich Cinderella.

    I love the relationship between Cat and Reese; they’re truly partners, they truly get each other, a

  • Mindy Lou's Book Review

    I enjoy getting updates on my couples. Cat and Reese's 2nd book didn't disappoint. I was pretty pleased to see that it was more than an extended epilogue. This was a full story with a couple suspenseful storylines. The only difference is that the book starts out with the couple already together and married.

    The fact that we don't have the angst of the building of the relationship doesn't mean we don't have a captivating story to follow. If you have read book one and you should before reading thi

  • Coco.V

    Another wonderful read by Lisa Renee Jones. This author writes in such a way that you can really feel what the characters are feeling. Reese and Cat are just perfect together! Their chemistry is off-the-charts HOT and their relationship is filled with understanding, passion and so much love. One of the things that I love about this book and series is it reinforced that a relationship and the bond that you create with your partner should make you strive to be better, to never cease learning, and ...more