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The Forgotten Hours

In this evocative debut novel, Katrin Schumann weaves a riveting story of past and presentand how love can lead us astray.At twenty-four, Katie Gregory feels like life is looking up: shes snagged a great job in New York City and is falling for a captivating artistand memories of her traumatic past are finally fading. Katies life fell apart almost a decade earlier, during an ...

Title : The Forgotten Hours
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ISBN : 1503904172
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Number of Pages : 362 pages
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The Forgotten Hours Reviews

  • Lynda Kelly

    I can't really make my mind up about this was one of my Kindle First choices this month. It brought to mind a true-life case I read about once which was fascinating. I found it dragged quite a bit for the first part and then seemed to get going and get more interesting as it progressed. I read till the end and things weren't as they seemed and there were surprises along the way but it was all a bit too deep for my liking. There seemed to be a LOT of writing and not much happening, if ...more

  • Suellen

    Kindle Unlimited - January 2019

  • Cari

    The Forgotten Hours was my second Kindle First selection for the month of January 2019.

    Katie's world was turned upside down in her teenage years, when her beloved father was accused and convicted of the statutory rape of her best friend. Katie has tried to put the past behind her, but has ultimately struggled with commitment and intimacy issues since the night that led to the loss of the two people who made her happiest. Memories of that fateful summer come back with a vengeance as Katie prepare

  • eiva

    “Don’t all girls say no at first?”

    THE FORGOTTEN HOURS is a novel that shifts between the aftermath of a trauma that ultimately becomes the destruction of Katie Gregory and her family and the summer evening that triggered it all. Six years on and Katie Gregory has kept her father’s secret from everyone new in her life, even going as far as changing her last name (although she believes in her father’s innocence without question at the start of the book?) only to then be forced to return to memo ...more

  • Shirley Wine

    An okay read

    I bought this book from the blurb.

    It was touted as a book of the year, and held the promise of so much, and in parts it did deliver, but overall it wasn't anywhere near as satisfying as I expected.

    I found Katie, the main character, tiresome and incredibly juvenile with her constant introspection and total self absorption.

    As a teen this seemed reasonable, if tedious, but for a woman in her twenties, too damn naive to be believable, the deliberate way she hides her head in sand is no

  • Pamela Scott


    This is my first time reading the author. I thought The Forgotten Hours was great, pretty dark at times but a great read. I was hooked from start to finish. I really felt for Katie, struggling to hold her life together, so blindly believing her father’s innocence. The book moves back and forth between now with Katie preparing for her father’s release and the fateful night ten years ago when her world blew apart. Katie discovers there are things about the p

  • Barbara White

    THE FORGOTTEN HOURS is a stunning novel that moves seamlessly between the aftermath of a trauma that shattered one family and a summer evening that ruined many lives. As current events clash with truths Katie Gregory has kept hidden—from her lover and herself—she’s forced to return to memories she’d rather forget. Memories that tug loyalty in conflicting directions and question everything she knows about trust and love. Was her father guilty of the crime for which he was convicted? Who’s lying, ...more

  • Sarah

    This is an immersive tale where the protagonist finds her family loyalties and trust are put to the test. At first I was reluctant to read this book based on the subject matter revealed in the blurb, but I am so glad that I did.

    This novel draws you in from the beginning, with the Prologue establishing the setting for the fateful night where Katie’s life crumbles. Cleverly written in the present tense, this is a reflection of how Katie continues to relive these memories and cannot let go. This is