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The Assist

You know those stories where the smart girl tutors the dumb jock? This isnt it.BlairWhats the probability of insulting the one guy on campus I need to help me pass statistics? If I knew, I wouldnt be standing in front of Wes Reynolds begging him to tutor me.Basketball player, sexy, arrogant, always sleeping through class these are the things I knew about him. What I didnt kn...

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The Assist Reviews

  • Jessica Cox

    This is my first read by this author and I can say I am officially a stalker, I could not get enough of this book. The characters are people you root for, they are all down to earth , you could hang out with them and become friends. I love a nerd and jock read , they are some of my favorite and this read was just so praiseworthy. Both characters where a little nerdy.Blair is just all heart in everything she did, I would love to have a friend like her. She is gutsy, and goes for what she needs. S ...more

  • Anelise

    This book takes a spin from most other college sports romance books and the male jock is the tutor and the pretty girl needs to ask for help. And even though Blair needs help she doesn’t seem weak at all she just knows in her situation she needs help to pass a class. The banter in this book had me laughing so hard, especially as Blair puts her foot in her mouth repeatedly but is persistent as all get out. Blair’s personality makes the book great she’s strong but also knows when to ask for help, ...more

  • Thuy Taylor

    I am a big fan of Rebecca's words and writing! I love sports romance and was sooooo freaking excited when she announced this basketball romance series! She has a fantastic way with words, very clear, concise and oh soooo heart melting. Her heros are sooooo freaking sweet, always rank high on my book boyfriends list and they have amazing inner dialogue about their heroines. Ok so, back to Wes and Blair.....

    Blair is a very hardworking, smart, driven, sweet college student. She is though, failing s

  • Andi Isack

    The beginning of this new series is really sexy! Just like the cover!( Opss...yeah maybe I already saw it and I promise you is 🔥).

    The assist "serve" a really sexy sport romance. Why is The Assist different from the other sport romances? Because of...HIM. Wes is the FULL package: sinful body and an irresistible IQ. Yeah! He is really sexy nerd, skilled basketball player. And his hands ...God, what can this guy can do with his hands ....

    His intelligence really impressed me!!! It's such a turning o

  • Alex ♈

    I'm a bit too old/mature for NA, but this one was good.

    Likable heroine, ok hero, safe.


    Note for myself: don't read the next/2nd book about the piece of manwhore joel - not enough bleach to clean my Kindle.

    Pitiful and disturbing character.

    high risk of infection

  • ItaPixie

    I've loved The Assist so much I didn't want to finish it and wait months for the second book in the Smart Jocks series to be released.

    Blair needs a tutor to help with her statistic class and she surprisingly finds it in Wes, the basketball jock.

    Wes and Blair are funny,smart,sexy and amazingly in tune with each other.I really enjoyed to read how their relationship starts as a friendship and naturally turns into something more.

    First time I read something written by Rebecca Jenshack and her writin


  • Lula Pantoofle

    So Stats student Blair noticed hot jock Wes sleeping through every lesson but still getting A’s on all his tests. It’s infuriating when she herself is failing. Deciding that he must have a tutor, she sets out to find out who is helping him so she can get the same help.

    This is a classic trophe but slightly reversed which I liked. Wes is actually just a clever jock who ends up reluctantly tutoring Blair. I am a sucker for college sports tutor novels hence four stars. It’s not the best example of

  • Jessy

    4 stars

    This was a pleasant surprise. I liked both main characters and I loved that there was no instalust. Their coming together seemed natural and they were a cute couple. I loved the easy way Blair fit into Wes' group of friends, but at the same time she had cool and nice girlfriends as well. No petty female drama here! Storywise, it was also refreshing that not eeverything worked out as planned.

    There are some typos and editing misses, but they are not too distracting.

    I know Joel's book will